Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beach bound, baby!

Last weekend a huge group of us hit the beach for a full day of fun in the sun & we had an absolute blast!!

Living in Florida definitely has its perks, one being a hop, skip & a jump away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S.  We hit Sand Key Beach which is right next to Clearwater.  Since it's spring break, we couldn't stand the idea of fighting with the massive crowds.

I wanted Reese to wear a swim shirt to better protect herself from the sun, but she was insistent on wearing her princess tankini over it!  Initially she fought me tooth & nail, saying she wanted to wear her princess nightgown & then it changed to her princess ballgown until she finally settled on the tankini.  This stubborn girl is gaga for the princesses!  Oh, and I certainly couldn't zip her swim coverup since that would cover up the almighty princess!!!

Who's excited for the beach?  This hairy guy!

We set up camp a little after 10am & stayed until about 7pm, it was a awesome!

 The water was turquoise blue & beautiful to gaze out over as we sipped the strawberry mango mojitos I whipped up for the adults!

Brooks is such a cutie!

The kids had a blast getting buried in the sand...


Uh oh, sand in the face while you're without the use of arms isn't such fun!


 Hahaha, this picture cracks me up!

 So funny, yet so sad at the same time!  Okay, time to yank em outta there!

Samantha's turn!

Unfortunately, when you're in the sun all day long, you're bound to get burned!  As diligent as we were protecting the kids, we were not for ourselves!  The back of my legs were scorched & Mike's back is fire engine red.. I crack up every time I glance at his back! But, we had a blast, so it was worth it!

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  1. Love your fam picture of you guys in the water! And want to sip on some strawberry mojitos! Great idea for the beach!