Thursday, November 14, 2013

My baby girl is TWO!

Reese, you are two years old today, happy birthday, baby girl!!

It feels like you've grown in the blink of an eye, but I also feel like you've been part of our lives forever.  I cannot imagine our family without you!!  Here's a look back to your one year update.

You add so much joy, laughter, sweetness as well as spiciness to our lives!  So, Reese, what does the two year-old version of you look like?

We haven't yet taken you to the doctor for your two year check up, but you weigh about 30#, wear a size 5 diaper, size 6-7 shoe & wear mostly 3T clothing.  I put you in 2T jeans a few weeks ago & they were skin tight & you could barely move!

Just as I was nicknamed as a two year-old, we also call you Boss Baby.  You know what you want & you are not afraid to demand it.  You love telling us what to do or not do & many times when I start singing a song, you quickly shush me & say, "Mommy, Mommy, no, no, no!"  Your vocabulary is insane & I'm blown away by how well you speak.  You can be a bit demanding & opinionated but I hope you maintain this confidence & spirit as you grow because I know you will not take any B.S. or let anyone push you around!

 You're difficult to photograph since you always want to immediately see the picture, sometimes before we even take it!  "I see? I see?"

Daddy helped demonstrate how to stand by the chalkboard; what a good helper he was to Mommy!

Explaining that you're turning TWO!

You're a complete character & have an awesome sense of humor that your Daddy & I cannot get over! You're still in the Toddler class at Discovery Point & Ms Barbara & Ms Kelly adore you.  They'll be so sad when it's time for you to move up to P1!!

Your favorite foods are pizza, grapes, bananas & yogurt.  I'd say you're a pretty sporadic eater & are never thrilled about your main entree.  You're still an awesome sleeper & easily go down at 7:30 at night & sleep till 7:30 in the morning.  At bedtime, we cuddle & you always want Daddy to come in for hugs & kisses too, "Daddy's comin'!"  is what you always say.  When it's time for me to leave, you always call me back in, "Mommy, Mommy!  Sleep tight!"  Ugh, I love you!!!  You nap for 2 hours every day.

You're finally getting longer hair so I've been figuring out how to style it with ponies & piggies, but a lot of the time you just wear it down, maybe clipped back with a bow.

Your favorite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake & the Neverland Pirates & you also love SpongeBob because it's your big brother's favorite.  But, your absolutely positively favorite thing to watch in the whole world is Tangled, which you call Princess TV since you most always watch it on the little TV in Cam's room.  If ever I have time to get something done, it's because you're entertained by Princess TV.

You're definitely getting more independent & better about not needing to be held constantly, but you still say, "I want up!" quite a bit.  Mommy's back is often very tired at the end of the weekend, but I just can't resist you!  Since your birthday last year, you're much gentler & rarely ever swipe or hit but you do throw a good tantrum!  You're sitting on your Minnie potty seat that you picked out but you've yet to actually go on the potty.  I'm amazed by you on a constant basis & can never get over the new things you bring home each day!  I love you more than you'll ever know, little girl.  Happy, happy birthday to my sweet & sassy Reese Elizabeth!

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