Sunday, November 10, 2013

Recent happenings

I'm lounging on the couch right now, watching the Bears game with Mike, watching Reese NOT nap on her monitor & wishing the weekends could be a little longer!

We've had a really great, low-key weekend.  My mom came up Friday to watch the kids so we could have dinner & go to the Josh Groban concert.  Last weekend our friends were making fun of us when we told them we were going to see him, asking, "won't you fall asleep?!"  Heck no!  For one, Mike got both of our tickets on Groupon for $25 total & two, the guy is disgustingly talented!  His music brings tears to my eyes.  We had an awesome, awesome night & I'm so thankful we got to see him live!

Coming home from church
 I took Cam back to the eye doctor for his fourth check-up Friday & his eye is STILL NOT 100% healed!!  The doctor definitely didn't expect this, but it is what it is.  The contact lens wasn't put back in since Cam didn't even have it on when the doctor checked.  Who knows when the thing fell out?

We're getting ready to celebrate Little Miss Saucy's second birthday this week!!  We'll be making homemade pizzas & eating this ice cream pie by the Pioneer Woman, YUM!

 Mike's mom bought us these bar stools as an early Christmas present since our others were nearly disintegrating.

 I'm really excited to be incorporating a new pop of color into our house.  After the holidays, we're hoping to put up a kitchen back splash with hints of this color in it.

Cameron drew us this picture today.  All of his people look EXACTLY like this all the time.  You can see the tiny figure on the bottom left, that's Reese!  The C in the top left is the moon.

I've got pumpkin soup with cranberry apple relish simmering on the stove for an easy dinner tonight.  It's going to be a very, very busy week of celebrating Reese, so we're trying to rest up today!  We're very excited that Auntie Erika is flying in from Chicago for Reese's party Sunday.  Lots to look forward to!

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