Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You'll poke your eye out, kid!

I don't know why, but every time I think about Cameron's recent eye debacle, I think of the line from A Christmas Story when Ralphie wants the Red Ryder bb gun, "you'll shoot your eye, kid!"

Although, A Christmas Story is a lot funnier than this whole scenario.  For the past three days, we've paid a visit to the eye doctor to assess the healing in Cam's right eye.  On Monday the doctor told Mike it was 75% healed though the contact lens that protects his eye & reduces pain needed to be put back on.  I took Cameron to the doctor's other location yesterday & thought I'd stepped into a day spa when I walked through the front doors.  It was so beautiful inside!  Shout out to Visionary Eye Care because they have been amazing & I'm so grateful they've helped Cameron.  Anyway, moving on.. Cam was super blinky after the lens was removed yesterday & unfortunately it's still only 80% healed so the darn lens had to be put back on.  The doctor explained that the tear/abrasion had been so bad that there was literally a flap of tissue hanging over the abrasion which slowed healing.  Well, the flap is officially gone so I'm really, really hoping that we're done with all of this as of his next visit Friday.  What a mess this has been!  Not to mention Cam's been fighting me every time he needs his eye drops.  But again, the most important thing is that his vision is perfectly fine & he suffered no permanent eye damage!!

In other news, hallelujah, today is my day off!  Thank goodness because for some reason I've been up since 2:45 this morning.  I finally got out of bed at 3:30, so while sitting here at 6:30, I feel like I've already had a big piece of day.. aren't I lucky?! I'll be making a chicken recipe I found on Pintrest called Man Pleasing Chicken which is supposedly to-die for & easy to make.. we shall see!  Anyway, happy Wednesday all!

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