Friday, June 28, 2013

A sorta stay-at-home mom

This week, I've unexpectedly become a stay-at-home mom since Reese is still sick.  Unfortunately, it would be a lot more fun if she was actually feeling better, but I'm still enjoying the extra time with the kids.  It's a shame that most of the time I spend home with them on weekdays is when they're sick.  Yes, I'm off Wednesdays, but that's my catch-up day so we can enjoy the weekend without chores.

With Reese being under the weather, as expected, she's just not herself; very, very sensitive (even more than usual) & easy to cry.  The poor thing has a cough & strained voice, but has been fever free since yesterday.  At around 11 last night, she started crying over the monitor & my heart was sad to hear her strained voice cry, "Uhh Mama! Uhh Mama!"  That's what she says over & over when she's very upset.  So I went into her room & it was so nice to just rock her & cuddle.  The sleepy, dark moments at night are always the sweetest.  It never ceases to amaze me when I think about just how much I mean to this little girl.  Just like my mom was always my comfort, I'm now her mom & her greatest comfort.  I'm so lucky.

Since I'm rarely home with both kids during the week, we're figuring out how to fill our days.  We can't do much with Reese being sick, but I still try to keep them active.  We build with blocks, play cars, watch a movie or two, color & play card games.  I re-learned how to play Go Fish & War with Cam during Reese's nap today!  The house is clean & the laundry is done, so for a change, I'm not running & running.  Reese is a very high maintenance baby so I can't get much done when she's awake... she likes to be held a lot when I'm up & moving.  Not very conducive to productiveness!  I make the most of evenings & Wednesdays, scrambling around to get things done, so I can focus on her (and of course, my Cam) on the weekends.  Unfortunately I am not someone that can relax in the midst of messiness & I never will be... if the house is a disaster, so is my mind.

I'll be taking more time off with the holiday weekend coming up & luckily Mike will also be with us Thursday & Friday.  I'm always wondering what stay-at-home moms with a somewhat older child & a younger one do for inexpensive fun.  She's too young for the movie theater, we don't have a pool available to us & it's so stinking hot outside which limits our options!  Maybe I'll take lunch to the shaded park down the street before Reese's nap?  I'm envious of the other blogs I come across.. it seems like many are so creative with their kid's activities & filling their days!

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