Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Stanley Cup & the sickie

Monday night we celebrated the Hawks bringing home the Stanley Cup!!!  It was an amazing win against Boston so we jumped around the family room like a couple of fools!  WAY TO GO BLACKHAWKS!  You'll see in this post that three years ago they also brought home The Cup!

My little boy has changed a lot since the last time the Hawks won.. he was just about Reese's age in the first picture & now he's such a big boy!

In other happenings, Reese may look happy in this picture from Sunday, but she's sick!  When she slept as late as 9am Sunday morning, I had a bad feeling that something was off.  As soon as I went into her room & heard her barky sounding cough, I new she was sick.  My mom came up to watch her Monday & other than a very low-grade fever in the morning, she was fine the rest of the day.  We sent her to school yesterday & figured all was well since we hadn't heard from daycare.  Unfortunately as Mike was on his way to pick her up, they called & said she had a temp of 101.  All in all, she's been super energetic & happy, but she's definitely fighting a virus.

I'm nursing my baby back to good health today, so hopefully extra sleep will kick this bug!

Poor crusty nosed love bug!  And as clingy as she normally is, she's ten times more while sick.  Needless to say, 100% of my focus is on her during her waking hours.  Sometimes Cam has trouble understanding that, but we're all having a great day together regardless.  I'm just thankful to be with my kiddos today.  When you feel crummy, nothing is more comforting than Mama!

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