Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Undercover nutrition

Before I had kids, I daydreamed of making super nutritious meals with the kids helping me stir & prepare recipes & sitting down to the table as a family as our kids gobbled up their food.  Not only am I a mom with high standards & visions of perfection, but to make matters worse, I'm also a dietitian! Never did I think I'd have picky eaters who loathed every single vegetable that existed.  Nor did I think I'd come to the place where the only chance I had of either child ingesting said vegetable was if I snuck it in like a criminal.  Well, that's me... the vegetable hiding criminal.  And no, rarely do I have time for my child to stand on a step stool next to me to help me prepare dinner in hopes they'll be more likely to eat because they now have "ownership" of the meal.  Nope, I'm usually running around the kitchen in my scrubs after work, just trying to get food on the table before the bath, PJs, bedtime routine.  Weekends?  Mm mm, those are jam packed too!

No, this is not split pea soup, it's the cheese sauce for your basic macaroni & cheese recipe such
as this.  I used my NutriBullet & blended a few of handfuls of spinach with the milk before adding it to the butter/flour roux.  I also never use white pasta, but Barilla Plus instead for extra fiber & protein.  Both kids loved this & never suspected there was plenty of spinach lurking within.

Today was a rushed evening so we did breakfast for dinner.  Reese adores fruit, but unless it's apple slices, applesauce or bananas, Cam wants nothing to do with it.  I decided I'd blend frozen blueberries that I thawed with milk & add it to cooked oatmeal as well as a healthy dose of ground flax seed.  It ended up being called purple power oats!

Reese loved it!  The leftovers will be her breakfast tomorrow morning.

Both of my kids, especially Cam, loves scrambled eggs so I thawed frozen broccoli & blended it with a dash of milk & added it to the whisked eggs to boost the nutrition.  It really gave it an awesome taste & Cam never suspected broccoli.

Yes, I do offer the real deal/whole form over & over & over again, only to be denied over & over & over again.  We eat very healthfully & love to try different foods so I hope Cam will eventually grow out of this narrow-minded eating phase!  I lead supermarket tours through my hospital for people in the community & one lady said, I have to buy cookies & junk food because I have two kids.  What?!

And here's a couple of pictures from the weekend after Cam's soccer game.  You can head over to their blog to see pictures of Cam's very first trophy; he was one proud little guy & we were two proud parents!

Reese had a ball at the playground, hanging with the big kids; that feisty little thing can really hold her own!

As we were heading to leave, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I noticed this strange creature loitering on the stroller by my coffee cup.  I am not a fan of bugs!!

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