Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Teething SUCKS

This is what we've been dealing with for the past couple of weeks...

An extremely unhappy, crying, cranky baby.  Poor little Reese is getting all four of her first molars as well as another two teeth here & there so she's been a pretty miserable little girl.  It's making life at home very stressful & loud.  By the end of the day I am so very ready for her to go to bed which makes me feel terrible.  But when she's up I feel like she's crying most of her waking hours & I literally cannot get anything done.  I'll be able to divert her for a few minutes but then she's right back at my legs wanting up.

We got out Saturday morning to enjoy the beautiful weather & a lot of our time at the park was spent listening to crying.  Better to listen to it in the beauty of nature vs. cooped up in our house.

Her brother joined her in the pouting & crying!  Poor Cam gets forgotten sometimes since I'm so engulfed in taking care of Reese.  By the time the night ends my shoulders & neck are so sore & tense from holding my 23# bundle that I could cry.

But we made the best of the morning & actually ended up having a really nice time.  We checked out a new park & then headed to the cutest place for coffee & pastries.  The owner of the cafe gave us a few slices of bread to feed the fish & the kids loved watching them devour it.

We had a very full weekend celebrating a 2nd birthday & visiting with friends from out of town.  Grammy flew in from Chicago yesterday morning & we're so happy she's here!  It's so nice to have the company & the extra help.  We're gearing up for Mike's birthday on Saturday & looking forward to a much needed night out with friends.

I'll be making mike his annual birthday dinner on Friday night; I can't wait!  I love birthdays & surprises!

In the meantime, hopefully Reese's dang teeth will finish popping through & stop wreaking havoc on our girl & the happiness of our household!  Here's to praying we all survive!

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  1. Hi! I came across your blog linked from someone else I follow . . . I noticed on the picture of your sweet girl that the straps on her carseat are routed incorrectly -- those red guides are for the shoulderbelt when the seat is used as a booster. The built-in harness straps should not go through there. Car seats can be confusing - over 80% are installed or used incorrectly - even though most parents really are trying to do everything right! Please double-check your carseat manual - you can also find a car seat technician to help here:

    I am sorry to sound nitpicky, but carseat safety is important to me, and I know *I* would rather know if there was something I could do to make my child safer. And I hope she feels better soon, Motrin was practically a food group for my son when he had so many teeth coming in at once!

    1. Five minutes after reading your comment, my husband is in the garage, fixing the seat. I cannot believe we had it set up incorrectly!

  2. I appreciate your concern, thank you so much for the comment! I can guarantee you I'll check the manual & fix the seat! And yes, Motrin is a friend of ours too!