Monday, April 22, 2013

Squealing in the rain

We had a jam packed weekend spent with Mike's mom, dad & sister who were all in from Chicago.  It's amazing how quickly time flies when you're having fun!

Cam spent so much quality time with his Auntie Erika; they were both sad to leave each other since Papa & Erika took an early flight back this morning.  Grammy leaves tomorrow night.  Every few months when Grammy comes down, it's such a difficult transition (especially for me) when she leaves.  I get so used to her help & company that it's hard to see her go!

In addition to my normal Wednesday off, I also took Thursday & Friday off which was glorious!  We busted our butts on Wednesday & I literally power washed the house for 8 hours straight.  The fence alone took about 5 hours.  It's one of the projects that's been bugging me the most since we moved in & it feels so good to have the disgusting mildew swept away!  We planted a little garden of plants by our patio too... things are looking so fresh & cheerful now!

I love sitting outside, especially as the sun is setting and since I'm an OCD psycho, it's a lot easier to sit & relax when I know things are done.

We had a Sunday BBQ yesterday & it began to rain at the end of the night.  A certain little girl went absolutely bananas over playing in the rain & it was so much fun to watch!

And it saved me from the nightly bath!!  ;o)

I'm feeling bummed that the fun filled weekend is over, but I'm thankful for the time off with family.  Tomorrow is Papa's 70th birthday!!!!!!!

The kids are SO BLESSED to have such loving grandparents!!  Happy birthday, Papa, we love you!!  Hop over to Cameron & Reese's blog to see some super cute pictures of Taylor & Reese's play date!

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