Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

I hopped out of work early Friday to get the egg coloring supplies ready for when Mike came home with the kids.

We enjoyed pizza before getting to work so we were fueled for the task!

My little Reese wanted to help, but it just wasn't possible.  Minutes before I snapped this picture, I made a diving catch for a mug full of dye just before it could slide off the table.  Maybe next year!  But she had fun watching & toddling around as toddlers do!

We packed the car Friday so we could hit the road for my parent's house early Saturday morning.  Cam had been counting down the days all week long & couldn't wait to see everyone & play with his cousins.

Saturday was so much fun & relaxing!  Mike & I took a super long walk & enjoyed the beautiful morning & we all just hung out & caught up the rest of the day.  The Easter bunny made his delivery after the kiddos went to bed Saturday night.

Sunday morning we had some happy kiddos!  After baskets the egg hunt began...

Reese was taking a morning nap since she was having a rough time teething.  Poor gal, we can't stand teething!

As you can see, she was not having this picture business!

She was finally able to rock out the dress she got for her birthday & she looked absolutely precious!

Mel made a positively adorable Easter cake that we enjoyed after dinner.  It was such a fun, relaxing Easter enjoying time together as a family.  By the time we got home Sunday evening I was wiped out & out cold before nine! 

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  1. I miss you guys so much! I'm glad you had a fun Easter with your fam. And, I LOVE that dress Reese is wearing - I remember her getting it for her b-day :) See you soon, love!

  2. We miss you too, Auntie Lo Lo! It's been too long!