Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Paddy's Day 2013

No matter what the holiday, I love it!  Any reason to be festive & celebrate is good enough for me.  I'm about 25% Irish, but love St. Patrick's Day 100%!  This weekend my parents happened to be in town to visit with Cameron & Reese.  Mike & I rarely get out... maybe once every few months on our own.  With our budget, we've been creative about outings so Saturday evening, after visiting with my parents, we headed to see Identity Thief with our AMC gift card = free date!  The movie had horrible reviews but we thought it was really funny & I'm glad we went.  We ended our date with Thai food using a $25 gift certificate we had.  It was probably the best Pad Thai I've ever had!  I've been craving it for so long & it totally hit the spot.  Speaking of money saving, I haven't been buying many candles which has been heart breaking for me.  Candles are one of my great loves.  I light them, smell them, enjoy them & all is right with the world.  Most nights, I have a minimum of 2 candles burning.  My wonderful SIL, Melanie works for a candle factory & she was so sweet to send my mom up with a bundle of new candles that they consider "rejects" for one reason or another!  

I was so happy!  It's the little things in life..  Anyway, my parents were nice enough to watch the kids as we met some friends at a St. Paddy's Day fest.  We went for a few hours, had a couple of beers & enjoyed live music & good conversation.  

As much as I love & adore my children, an occasional outing without them is very nice!  We could talk without doing fifteen things at once & being distracted!  Amazing!  Last year we took the kids to this same fest as you can see in this post.  Reese was only four months old!!

Looking at these pictures makes me realize just how short I am compared to all of my friends!

After we left, we headed home to make my parents bangers & mash which was so yummy!

After my parents headed home, we just hung around the house, played around & relaxed until it was time to hit the sack & gear up for another work week.  Hope you all had a Happy St. Patrick's Day too!

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