Saturday, March 23, 2013


Ahh, it's Saturday morning, I've just laid Reese down for her morning nap & I'm sitting at the breakfast bar in my pj's, sipping hot coffee.  This is the moment I look forward to all week long!  And what a long week it was!  Speaking of naps, I'm pretty sure Reese is dropping from two naps to one but since she's teething so badly, we decided to give the cranky girl a rest. 

Wednesday Cam tested out his photography skills & shot a few pictures.  Here's a picture of Reese's baby in her stroller.  We discovered last night that she's afraid of her baby... that's never a good thing when a mama is terrified of her baby.  We were playing when she continued to say, "Bye-bye!" and "Nooo!" as she looked at her baby in fear.  I can't say I blame her; when you feed the baby her bottle, her mouth mechanically moves as her eyes blink.

As the termite guys finally finished up, Cam caught me making lunch as Reese settled in for her nap.  $1200 later, we are officially termite free!!  Awe yeah, party time! 

No photo session would be complete without a self portrait!

We're always looking for breakfast ideas & since Cam loves muffins, I looked around for a healthy recipe & whipped up a batch.
They were quite tasty & paired well with a cup of coffee!  The coffee was for me, not the kids.
As we baked, the princess lounged on her throne as any princess would.

We've had amazingly gorgeous weather, so we've been playing baseball in the backyard before bed.  We met a family of ducks & fed them an evening snack on Thursday.

Reese was showing her saucy side (big surprise!) as we drove to school yesterday & was none too happy that I wouldn't give her my phone.  Such a drama queen!

Cam and I kicked off the weekend with a movie night after Reese went to bed.  Mike was out with the guys, but the two of us enjoyed popcorn & candy & had a great time.  I'm so thankful the weekend is here & we have no plans but to spend time together as a family!
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