Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting to the root of it

Shortly before Christmas my dentist told me he wanted me to have my old silver fillings replaced with the composite filling.  Apparently, over time silver fillings can break your teeth down, acting like a jackhammer from all the expanding & contracting with hot/cold foods.  So I bit the bullet & had my back left tooth done first.  Since the moment the Novocaine wore off, I haven't been able to comfortably chew on that side.  The following week I had the right side done & haven't had a single issue.  The problem tooth was done by the female dentist whom Mike cares very little for.  The good replacement was done by the husband dentist that we both prefer.  I've gone back several times to be sure the bite wasn't off since that can cause sensitivity.  Nope, didn't fix a thing.  It was mainly an annoyance, so over the holidays I managed to ignore it & just chew on the right side.  That's until 2 weeks ago when throbbing pain & severe cold intolerance decided to show up.  Back to the dentist!  She tells me she thinks I need a root canal & refers me to an endodontist!  I nearly cried as I walked out the door, referral in hand, head hung in defeat.  It's not the fear of pain that bothered me, but the fear of the money it would cost to not only have the root canal done but also the crown that must follow.  It seems now that we're buckling down on our budget, everything needs fixing!  Luckily I have dental insurance so I'll have some coverage.

I tried to relax in the chair that overlooked the trees.  Serene music piped through the Zen-like office & the staff was super nice.  I was extremely excited when I found out they have TV glasses to help distract from the procedure!

So I strapped on these bad boys, popped the ear plugs in & watched There's Something About Mary as the dentist drilled away.  I have to say, it made things go by so quickly!  When Ted zipped his "boys" into his tuxedo, I had a hard time suppressing my laugh as they talked about franks & beans!  I figured laughing with a drill in your mouth is not a good idea!

Otherwise the week has gone fairly well.  Cam & I had our weekly park date last week & plan to do the same tomorrow.  We'll finally be fixing our termite problem which has been a long time coming!  That's another quick hunk of money, poof, out the door!  Termites & dental work is the last thing I wanted to do with our money.  UGH!

In other news, we've finally decided to switch Reese from her infant seat into the regular one that faces forward!  She was fine weight-wise since it goes up to 30# but her length was getting a little tight.  She was in seventh heaven last night when we tested her in it for size & when it came time to come out, she was none too happy!  Mike drove her to school today so I was disappointed I wasn't able to see her, but he sent me these pictures which made my morning!

Cam is now in a booster seat which he says is "very comfy."  Mike said Reese basically beamed the entire way to school.. so cute!

If you're squeamish about poop stories, I warn to you conclude your reading of the post right now.  I'm warning you, baby poop will be talked about.  If you are disgusted and/or offended, don't say I didn't warn you... Okay, so, speaking of Reese, last night we decided to let her have some "naked time."  It's good for her lady bits to get some air since she prone to rashes.  I'm cooking dinner & Mike is coming in from work when he says, "What's Dempsey eating?"  He goes to investigate & finds a half eaten turd on the floor!  My stomach was already yucky from the stressful work day & now he's holding poop in his bare hand!  YUCK!  I told Cam, "Do NOT let Dempsey lick your face, she just ate Reese's poop!"  A minute later he shouts, "MOOOOM, Demps is licking Reesey's face!"  This is the chaos that is my life with 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats.  Someone is always crapping or puking!!  Thank goodness for my beloved Spotbot to help me clean it all up!

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  1. Wow...no one's ever said I need to have my silver fillings replaced. Although, I think my Mike's dentist did tell him that (and now he's having a root canal/crown on a tooth that had to be filled multiple times...hmmmm). I think I'll leave well enough alone!