Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recent happenings

It's been a while since I've updated & I guess it's because I haven't had all too much to say!  It's been business as usual around these parts.  

Cam & I have been having enjoyable Wednesdays together as usual.  We still go to the park every week for our lunch date & the rest of the day I do laundry, laundry & even more laundry!  Before we worked on his homework last week, Cam wanted hot chocolate with whipped cream.  He loves getting a shot of whipped cream in the ole gullet too!

It was nearly 80 degrees outside as he sipped his hot chocolate, but hey, he had a craving!

Last week I whipped up a deliciously healthy, hearty lentil soup.  Click here for the recipe.  It had a little kick to it, so I pureed the kids' batch & mixed in some plain Greek yogurt to cool it off.  The only reason I pureed it was because Cam wouldn't knowingly eat a bunch of vegetables to save his life.  They say that picky eaters are made, not born, but I beg to differ.  We eat really healthfully & don't make any special meals for our kids, but Cam refuses to eat all vegetables & many fruits.  Day in & day out, I serve him fruits & vegetables & day in & day out he refuses them.  We get him to try a single bite but he refuses more & I refuse to make every meal a battle.  I'm praying he grows out of it as he gets older, but we'll see.  Tonight I'm making Pioneer Woman's 16 minute Florentine pasta.  A yummy dinner that takes less than twenty minutes?  Yes, please!  Click here for the recipe.

 Reese has been doing great too, getting a couple more teeth on the bottom & attempting to walk more.  I don't know why at almost 15 months old this girl continues to crawl most of the time when she's a champ at walking.  She may be holding herself back since she's probably a perfectionist like her mommy & sometimes chooses the easier route instead of falling & failing at the harder route!

I seriously do not know why I waste my time putting shoes & socks on this girl before we leave the house each morning since she promptly rips them off as soon as we get going.  Stinker.

And as sweet and loving as my Reese can be, we're still having issues with her smacking people.  She's definitely thinking twice about it though so I know she realizes that it's wrong.  This morning she went to smack my face (for absolutely no reason at all) & stopped herself & instead put a hand on each side of my face with a loving squeeze.  As I'm hoping Cam grows out of his picky eating, I'm hoping she grows out of this hitting.  In the meantime, we'll continue to correct & discipline her.

This morning has been so incredibly beautiful so Cam & I took a really long walk.  We went through the subdivision across the street from us, so I could admire the lake-view homes.  I always tell Mike that this is our future house & this morning, I text him this picture saying, "home sweet home."  It's a crummy picture because I had to take it from far away, as you can see there was a little boy with his dog out front.  Didn't want to look like a stalker & have the cops take me away to jail so I had to be a little sly!

We discovered a walkway that led to the lake which was nice.  It's always been my dream to live on the water.  So peaceful!

After our walk we whipped up some cookies for our church to pass out to neighboring businesses for Valentine's Day.  You cannot go wrong with the classic Nestle Tollhouse recipe!  Instead of chocolate chips, we used V-Day M&Ms.  

 I'll pop the cookies in the freezer until we head to church Sunday.  We'll head to the park for our lunch date & then I have another nutrition webinar to sit in on so I can get a couple more hours for my continuing education.  Slowly but surely, I'm chipping away!  So, that's what's been going on around here, hope you're all having a great week too!

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