Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life's a beach

Sunday afternoon we ventured to the beach for our friend's daughter's 4th birthday.  We rarely make it to the beach since it takes a little over an hour to get there, but when we do go, I always wonder why we don't get there more often.  It was an incredibly beautiful day & the kids had a blast.  Reese has really only been to the beach maybe one time & she was gaga over it!  Way more into it than Cam ever was as a baby.

I had my hands full, so I'm so thankful that Jill took all of these pictures to capture Reese's "first" time at the beach.  I love this picture!  I can't wait to take her back when she's actually wearing a bathing suit & can go into the water.  The Gulf gets really cold during the winter but she didn't bat an eye at the frigid water.

Cameron is sometimes bothered by the sand so I think he can take or leave the beach but he had a great time rocking out these sweet shades!

Reese loved frolicking with her bestie Samantha.  They love each other!  Funny to think that they spend more than forty hours per week together at daycare.  They're going to be like sisters as they grow.

There was a tiki bar a hop, skip & a jump away so Lauren & I made a pit stop for a pina colada.  Pina colada + gorgeous weather & scenery + good friends & family = happy Allison!

Despite the pained look on Reese's face, we had such a great time at the beach!

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