Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recent happenings

Since Reese continues to barely sleep at daycare, she is wiped out by the time I pick her up.  Within five minutes of driving, things get super quiet when I ask Cameron, "Are her eyes opened or closed?"  His answer is always, "closed."

So, by the time we get home, she's only been sleeping in the car for about ten minutes.  I feel bad waking her up, so I normally let her sleep for another twenty minutes or so.


Cam happily plays his Nintendo game while we wait & sometimes I'm not even sure that he realizes we're sitting in our driveway.  I'll bring groceries in, start unloading the dishwasher or work on one of the many things I have to do in the kitchen before bed.  I put the baby gate up in the garage doorway so the cats don't wander out & watch her through the open hatchback of my car.  Monday evening Cam & I ended up eating our leftover lasagna in the car while she slept!  Talk about killing two birds with one stone.  I get home from work at around six & Reese goes to bed at 7:30, so evenings are all about rushing, shoveling food into our gullets & rushing some more.  It's the American dream, I tells ya.

When I went to pick them up yesterday, Reese's teacher told me that she face planted out of her little ball pit.  Her lip looked so sad & swollen.  I kept thinking about her falling & crying while I was completely unaware at work.

I'm still doing Crockpot Wednesdays & this week I chose a chicken & dumpling recipe but modified it by adding 2 bags of frozen, mixed vegetables & a bunch of spices to kick it up a notch.  I used the Pilsbury Simple biscuits since they're trans fat free.  I have a major thing against hydrogenated oil!!  Click here for the recipe.  I can't yet you how good it is since we still haven't eaten dinner, but I can tell you that it was rated very well.  I've been using this website for Crockpot recipes & it's AWESOME!  There are 300 recipes all with pictures.  I found it on Pinterest which I also love.

This afternoon Cam & I worked on his homework which involved cutting out pictures that start with the letter E.  We chose eyes, ear, elves, eat & egg.

Then my shaggy little guy got a much needed haircut!

Now he'll be so spiffy for his many upcoming events.. we have a birthday party Saturday, we're hitting the pumpkin patch Sunday & then it's time for Halloween!  And... GRAMMY IS COMING!  Yay!  Lots to be excited for!

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