Sunday, October 14, 2012

11 months!

Reese, in exactly one month, we'll be celebrating your first birthday!  I know I say it every month, but I really cannot get over how quickly you're growing.  A year ago today we didn't even know you & now you are such an important member of our family.  We seriously could not possibly imagine our lives without you.

So, what is my 11 month old girl up to?  Lots!!  You're cruising all around the furniture & looking like you want to walk so badly!

This is your first month in your very own room with your very own space since we've just moved into our new house.

Your personality is really coming out & we're realizing just what a goofball you are.  Not only that, but you're extremely sensitive & dramatic.  If I say no to you, you throw your head back and cry hysterically.  Oh my goodness, we are going to have our hands full with you!

 You definitely realize just how funny you are & do all of your tricks to make us crack up!  You have lots of tricks up your sleeves..

This is what you do when we ask you, "How big are you?!"

This is what you do when we ask you where something is.  You love, love, love to point at everything and everyone!

And this is what you do when we tell you to blow a kiss.  So stinkin cute!

This is your latest trick.. you started crawling around like this just 2 days ago.  You're such a character!

I guess you just don't want to damage your precious, delicate knees!

You are such a Mama's girl & cannot stand it when I have the audacity to put you down!

You link your arm around mine & hold on for dear life.

 Needless to say, I'm not often able to get a whole lot done when you're awake!  It can be a challenge sometimes but I'm trying to soak up this sweet, pudgy, cuddly age you're at, knowing it's passing me by too quickly already.

You still have only two teeth on the bottom, but are able to eat most anything if it's cut into small pieces.  You have a wonderful appetite & haven't turned your nose up to anything just yet.  You still drink 3, 8oz bottles of breast milk a day & eat baby food 2-3 times a day, depending on  how many finger foods you eat.  When we're home, you don't eat much baby food since you're eating whatever we eat.

You're still an awesome sleeper, thank goodness!  You go to sleep around 7:30pm & sleep until about 8am on the weekend.  You take 2 naps per day for a total of about three hours when you're home, but barely sleep at daycare.  Sometimes you come home after sleeping only a half hour.  Ugh.

You wear size three diapers, but we'll be moving you to fours next time we buy.  You're moving up to size three shoes, but still rarely ever wear them.  You're in twelve month clothes, but I'll be cleaning out your drawers & moving you to 18 month sizes within a day or so.  Growing like a weed!

You say, "Dada" & "Mama" but I wonder if you even know what you're saying.  Sometimes when Daddy asks you where Mama is, you point at the light or some other random place.  Silly girl.

Happy 11 months, sweet girl!  I love you with all my heart!

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  1. Omg! She has changed so much since Cam's birthday already! Furniture cruising? Your brother says "Noooooooo". We can't wait to celebrate her birthday! her faces are hilarious! :)

  2. She certainly is a character, that is for sure! We can't wait to celebrate with you guys too!