Monday, October 22, 2012

Pizza & football

This Friday we brought back Perno Pizza Friday & ended up making a sausage, goat cheese & sun-dried tomato pizza on wheat crust.

On Fridays we let Cameron watch TV as he eats dinner, so he couldn't be bothered with looking at the camera.  But at least he smiled, so I'll give him a little credit for that.

I'm pretty sure Mike enjoyed the pizza!

The Bears are playing Monday night football against the Lions, so the kids were geared up & ready to go for school this morning.

Cam had to have his bear, Staley, in the picture too.  

Since Reese is wearing Cam's old jersey, she sort of looks like a boy, so I always make sure I send her with a flower on her head so there's no confusion!

This is how we're able to get out the door on time for work.  We stick Reese in her highchair & she happily eats anything we throw on her tray.  When Cam was a baby, he loved watching his Baby Einstein videos, but Reese pays little attention to them.

And Cam always starts the day with his Nintendo DS or a cartoon of his choice.  Mornings are a major whirlwind around these parts, so we have to do what we have to do!

Here's to hoping the Bears kick some butt tonight!  Bear down!!

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