Monday, March 12, 2012

Four months!

Reese, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that you're already four months old!! That seems like such a huge milestone to me for some reason. My little baby girl is growing up so quickly!

What is my four month old love up to these days?

Well, you're not going to the doctor until next week so we don't yet have your updated stats as far as growth is concerned.

You are seriously one of the happiest, sweetest babies I have ever met & I promise I'm not just saying that because I'm your mommy!

You are incredibly easy to smile & make everyone around you so happy when you do. You've recently found your voice & you're "talking" up a storm since this past weekend. When you get excited, you pump your chubby little arms & legs like crazy as you sit in your bouncy seat.

You're still a great sleeper (thank heavens for that!!) & you're on a much, much, much more solid schedule these days. You wake up around 7:15am or so most days, so you end up having your bottles at 7ish, 10ish, 1ish, 4ish & 7ish. You basically have your last bottle of the day at 7:30pm & hit the hay at 8pm. You fall asleep in the bassinet in your room immediately & we don't have to rock you or soothe you in any way. Sometimes you wake up during the night because you've lost your paci, but you go right back to sleep after we pop it back into your mouth. You're drinking 6oz of breast milk at each feeding & continue to drink formula for your last bottle of the day. We'll probably start you on solids after we see the doctor next week. How is that possible? The time we've had with you has completely flown by!

You're wearing 3-6 month clothes & size one diapers, however, the next pack of diapers we buy will be size two since the ones are getting a tad snug.

Reese, we are truly loving & soaking up every moment we spend with you. You are an absolute blessing & we are beyond excited to experience each milestone you reach!
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