Saturday, March 10, 2012

A day in the life

So, what does a day in my life look like on a typical work day lately? I'm sure you're all dying to know! Or not. But, if ever in the future I wonder what things were like "back then," I'll be able to remember!

6:10am: Alarm goes off

6:20am: Get out of bed. Pump milk for Reese.

6:30am: Unload the dishwasher from the night before... bottles & pumping supplies galore.
Get Cam's milk poured/ready, warm Reese's bottle, make Cam's breakfast & my coffee.

6:50am: Shower & get ready for work.

7:15am: Cam & Reese wake up. Mike feeds Reese as I get Cam dressed for school, get Reese's
bottles & my pumping supplies packed.

7:25am: Make mine & Mike's breakfast & take the dogs out. We pretty much eat whole wheat bread with peanut butter & Nutella on top each day.

7:40am: I leave for work & Mike takes the kids to school shortly after.

8am: Clock into work & screen my floors to figure out which patients I'll be seeing that day.

9:45am: Head to the lactation room to pump.

10:10am: ICU rounds.

10:30am: See all of my patients & gather more data for my nutrition assessments.

12:45-1:15pm: Lunch

1:25pm: Head to the lactation room to pump.

1:45-5pm: Head back up to the floors to finish charting. Yesterday I treated myself to an iced
mocha & took my laptop to chart in the cafeteria as you'll see in the picture above.

5pm: Clock out. Let the marathon begin!!!

5:15pm: Get home, take the dogs out, soak all of my pumping supplies from the day, start
dinner, get PJ's & clothes ready for the kids to wear the next day, start laundry.

5:45pm: Pump milk for Reese.

6pm: Mike gets home with the kids. Cam rides his Lightening McQueen car outside & plays
around for a bit. This week we realized we had new cow neighbors so we headed over to
meet them.

6:30pm: Dinner. We usually plan our meals & grocery shop over the weekend so it's one less
thing to worry about during the week. We'll do something quick like a crockpot meal or a stir fry.

7pm: Bath, PJ's for Cam. Hang out with the kids & snuggle with Reese. Reese gets a bath only twice a week... usually on Sundays & Wednesdays for now. Obviously once she's more mobile & active, we'll bathe her more.

7:30pm: Reese has her last bottle of the day which is formula. Every other bottle is breast milk.

8pm: Reese goes to bed. We swaddle her & put her in the bassinet in her room & she seriously
falls immediately to sleep.

8:15pm: Cam goes to bed. We hang in his room for a few minutes before he goes to sleep.

8:20pm: Finish thawing breast milk, fill bottles for Reese's daycare, finish cleaning the kitchen.
Fold laundry & straighten up the house.

9pm: Pump milk for Reese. I do this a total of 5 times/day.

9:30pm: Time to finally relax. We usually hang out & watch shows we've taped during the week.

10:30pm: Go to bed & read my Kindle for about five minutes until I can no longer keep my eyes
open. Sleep & repeat it all over again & again, & again & again until we make it to the
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  1. Holy crap! You must have super batteries. Debora is now all freaked out! Lol

  2. Josh, relaxation & downtime are things of the past!! I say to Mike, "what did we do with ourselves before we had kids?!?!" He says, "Sit around, relax, watch TV!" :o)