Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flying high

Yesterday Mike was admiring his baby girl & I think the feelings were mutual because Reese sure seemed to be admiring her daddy!

Mike has always been such an awesome dad & it's so incredibly sweet to watch him interacting with his little girl since I had only known him interacting with Cameron.

I always knew he'd be great with a little girl since he interacts so well with girls in general. All of my girlfriends have always loved Mike & he's very comfortable in a room full of females. Not to say that he's a creep or anything like that, but he's just not someone that gets squeamish in the presence of girls. Mike loves him some girl talk!

When Cam saw Mike holding Reese up, he just had to have a turn too! All in all, he's doing so well in the jealousy area, but he doesn't want to be left out!

On a side note, you'll see that Cam's wearing a pull-up in these pictures. He's been daytime potty trained since he was a little over two years old. He was potty trained so much faster than I had ever imagined. However, he's still needed to wear a diaper for naps & bedtime until recently. He went from waking up with a soaking wet diaper & bed to waking up dry. It just happened one day. Pretty crazy. We still have a box of pull-ups though so we're putting him in those until they're out & then switching over to undies at bedtime.

The only problem is, when he needs to pee in the middle of the night, he wakes us up to do so! Probably five out of seven days in the week, he's waking us up. We tell him that he can just go potty himself, but he still comes into our room each time. Of course just as Reese is sleeping through the night, our three year-old starts waking us up!! But, I am very proud of him for staying dry through the night. I was starting to think we'd be sending him to college in diapers!

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