Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy weekend

Since being back to work, I've been looking forward to the weekends more than ever. Most nights I seriously get only a half hour of quality time with Reese since she's so darn tired from daycare. Cam stays up later, but it still feels like I never get enough time with him either.

This weekend our friend Jonesy was visiting from Atlanta. He went to high school with Mike I've known him for nearly 16 years. It was great catching up with him & having him meet Reese & see Cam again.

We went to a really pretty park in Dunedin on Sunday. It's so nice since it's right on the water at the marina.

Cam loved running around like a madman with Leah while Reese was happy to cuddle with Mommy & Daddy. I seriously need to get a Baby Bjorn but they're just so expensive & Reese is probably our last child.

The weather was good while we were at the park, but quickly became windy & misty as we headed into town to check out the craft fair. Unfortunately our visit ended faster than we anticipated, but fortunately we then headed to Matt & Kelly's for some Japanese food courtesy of Matt.

But regardless, anytime I'm with my family, I'm a happy camper! I'm a very lucky girl!

Today I'm home from work since poor Cam is sick with a stomach bug. He was sick on Friday but quickly recovered & did fine over the weekend. He was his normal self yesterday & went to school, but woke up sick this morning. As I was literally heading out the door, he threw up all over our bedroom floor. Poor buddy. Right now he's sleeping on the couch & I'm praying he feels better soon! I'm also praying that Reese doesn't catch it!

It's never easy watching your child feel sick!

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