Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twenty-Two Months Old!

My not-so-little guy turned 22 months old today! It's seriously hard to believe that he'll be two years old in two short months. Where has the time gone?

Today we started the day by doing laundry & hanging out before we headed to the mall for some playtime and lunch with Kelly & Leah (since Matt was out of town this weekend). Check out Cam's site to see some pictures from this afternoon.

Cam thought it would be fun to relax in Romie's cage as I started the wash. We're watching Romes this weekend while Lauren & Josh hit Miami.

What a goofball!

Now that Cam's 22 months old, we have him doing plenty of chores. If you're living under my roof, you're going to be earning your keep!

I figure that once he's 2 years old, he can start mowing the lawn, cooking dinner and scrubbing the bathrooms. We'll start slowly.

We decided to purchase this little laundry bag to use when washing Cam's socks since a few weeks ago, our washing machine started to make a very unhealthy noise. After calling in a repair man, it turned out that one of Cam's little socks was lodged in the machine. Luckily the repair ended up costing less than $100. If you have a little one, consider getting one of these sacks for the washer/dryer for a few dollars at Walmart. It was actually nice to have since it kept all of his socks together, making them easier to fold.

Part of Cam helping fold the clothes included wearing Mike's underwear on his head!

Cam weighs about 32 pounds, wears size 5 diapers, size 6 1/2 shoes, and will likely be a linebacker in the NFL at this rate. Not sure how he's as big as he is since getting him to eat is as easy as swimming with piranhas & not getting bit.

Cam's talking up a storm & his new saying is, "Not nice fill in the blank." So, if I do something he doesn't like, he waves his finger at me & says Not nice, Mama! It's absolutely hilarious. His favorite things to watch are Finding Nemo & any Baby Einstein video. And since he's in the process of getting his final baby teeth, his second molars, he's been a tad cranky here & there.

He may be moving from baby to boy, but he'll always be our little baby!

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  1. Cam is adorable! I like that laundary bag... it's not a bad idea for grown up socks too! We always end up missing one somewhere. And are those Spiderman underwear Cam has on his head? Didn't you say those were Mike's?? ;)

  2. It's so cute that he helps with the laundry! It's good to get them started early, haha! Our kids are growing up so fast; it's hard to believe!


  3. That kid better not have pooped in that cage... If I have to put up with Romes complaining about poop in her cage, I swear...

    Just kiddin! =D

  4. Cheryl, Mike is much too mature for Spiderman underwear! But not for Sponge Bob underwear!! And Josh, Cam wears a diaper so he may or may not have pooped in the cage, but it was contained so we're safe there!