Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flocking with the Fishies!

Saturday afternoon when Cam woke up from his nap, we packed up the car & headed to the Florida Aquarium.

Cam had such a great time looking at all the different fish; probably even more so now that his favorite movie is Finding Nemo.

So many things to discover! It's so fun watching his face light up as he sees new & exciting things.

This little fella is a FL owl who happens to be full grown.

And this floppy fish is a blond trout!

Cam would've made a nice snack for this guy!

Can't stand jelly fish after being stung by one in Key West, but they sure were pretty to look at!

EEK! This crab gave me the heeby-jeebies; looks like a massive spider!

The ghouls came creeping out of the mist! OO-OO-AH-AH!

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  1. great pictures!! The last one made me laugh. I remember that huge fish when we went, although, Leah was only 3mos old and couldn't enjoy it. I can't wait to bring her back!


  2. Love your pictures, it looks like you all had a great time!