Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time with the Grandmas

Cam is one lucky boy since he'll be taking a two week hiatus from daycare starting this week. We were off as a family for the holiday weekend on Monday & then my mom came to visit & watch Cam on Tuesday & Wednesday. It's very rare that my mom is able to spend quality, one-on-one time with Cam since she's typically working long hours, six days a week. She gets a summer break from her job so I was thrilled that they were able to bond while we were working. And they had such a great time, going to the mall, playing in the kid's area, having lunch & just playing around the house. Cam was an absolute angel for my mom which made me very happy!

Then yesterday afternoon, Cam's Grammy Pernecky & Auntie Erika flew in for a ten day visit. It's so nice to be working, knowing that Cam is in great hands & spending time with his family. We're so lucky that he's surrounded with so many people who love him. And as he's getting older, he's so much fun to be around; that kid keeps everyone laughing!

On a side note, we were so lucky to have a professional fireworks show in our friend's neighborhood over the 4th of July weekend. There we were, enjoying the beautiful night, hanging with some neighbors when all of a sudden this amazing slew of fireworks started going off. We seriously couldn't believe our eyes! It was such a great, long weekend & that extra day off from work made a world of difference! Too bad every work week can't be only four days.

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