Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Simplified

There's no doubt that I can reasonably be considered neurotic & a bit of a control freak & I wouldn't deny it. I'm definitely a Type A personality who likes to have a sense of control over things. Since weekdays can be very hectic with working full-time, having Cam in daycare & trying to get to the gym as much as I possibly can, it can be tricky to keep up on things. And since I want our weekends to be fun, I try to get as much done during the week to keep things free.

I would much rather my mornings be calm & my evenings be hectic so there are a few things I do each night before I go to bed. We set the coffee pot to brew at 7am since I'm out the door a few minutes after 7:30. Our travel mugs are typically washed & ready to go as well.

I also try to keep my purse & gym bag at hand so I'm not scrambling around packing things up in the morning.

I have Cam's clothes, socks, shoes & diaper waiting on the bookshelf so when he's up & drinking his milk, I can get him changed & dressed for daycare. And if I leave before he's up, Mike doesn't have to worry about choosing his outfit which could result in Cam looking a bit dorky. Just this week when Mike picked Cam up from daycare his teacher laughed as she let him know that he'd been dropped off with his shorts on backwards. Nice!

Cam's sippy cup of milk is ready to pop in the microwave for the morning & his cup with 1/2 juice & 1/2 water is ready to go for daycare.

Other things I do to keep things easier is to have 2 laundry baskets in our closet & in Cam's room so whites and darks are separated & ready to throw in the wash. I also try to keep up on laundry so I do a load at a time & I'm not stuck with five loads on a Saturday. Kind of like I was this past Saturday. Not fun!

And even though our house is only one story, I try to keep a stash of diapers, wipes & lotion throughout the house so I'm not constantly running back & forth.

And most nights when I'm not totally drained, I spend about ten or so minutes tidying up & putting all of Cam's toys where they belong. This helps keep my sanity since I can't stand clutter & it also keeps Cam's toys from getting lost.

You might be thinking that I'm a little obsessive but these few things just help me stay on top of things so our mornings can be smoother & our weekends can be free of cleaning & laundry. By no means does it always work out this way; there are many of nights that I go to bed with the house looking like a tornado swooped through. I guess all of us have our thing... the need for order just happens to be mine!

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  1. I love your organization! I think it's key to being efficient and having a sane week. You've got a lot going on and you do a great job keeping up with things. I'm trying to do more a little each night so that I'm not dedicating 1/2 of my Saturday doing laundry and cleaning too. It makes for a much more relaxing weekend.

    Keep up the great work! :)

  2. It certainly does make things easier in the mornings, however I wouldn't call our weekday mornings "calm"! :)

    Oh and I dress Cam like a dork because it's my right as an American citizen to make my child look horrible!

  3. I am the same way and Tom must think I'm nuts! I pick out Carter's clothes, get his juice ready, pack our lunches, Keurig set to brew (even with the travel mug under it ready to catch the coffee), set out my clothes, put my stuff by the door (sometimes actually IN the car)! I'm working on getting Tom to fill the dog bowls with food and set them in the garage, just so all I have to do in the morning is put them on the floor in the kitchen. We'll get to that point eventually.

    I'm working towards the laundry and cleaning during the week thing...right now it's a weekend headache.

    Good for you Super Mom!

  4. Ahh this is the crazy Allison that I know and love (and can relate to!) Although I can't say I am as good as picking out clothes the night before! Good idea though, everyone know Mike is a bit dorky himself. ;)
    The laundry idea is a good one, I should try to pre-separate them. Excellent idea!