Sunday, October 11, 2009

Up, Mommy, up!

This is my point of view during my time spent with Cameron these days! He's at the stage where he wants to be held most of the time & see things from my level (which isn't very high!) Each day he's getting a little heavier & therefore harder to carry & as one would imagine, it's also challenging to do things with only one hand! But I know he'll only be this small for such a short time, so I'll ignore the nagging pain in my hip & continue to carry my little (or big) guy!


  1. Yep. You still have a couple more years of this! Mikayla still tugs on my legs, or pants, or dress... :) Whatever she can get her hands on!

  2. Just think it is a little work out each time you do it. So you can feel a little less guilty for not making it to the gym more often.