Monday, October 19, 2009

Home with My Love

Cam has not been feeling well for close to a week & his cold kicked into full gear after his 12 month well visit five days ago after getting four shots, one being the flu shot. I know my little guy is sick when he actually lets me hold him, rock him & cuddle for more than an hour straight. Cam is not much of a snuggler; he is a full-fledged boy who loves to go, go, go during all of his waking moments.

Last night, as I rocked him and felt his slightly warm head, I decided that it would be a bad idea to send him to day care today. It worked out very well since I had a day off at some point during this week anyway since I unfortunately have to work this Saturday. After calling my boss & letting her know that today would be the day I took off, I felt relieved to know that I'd be able to nurse my baby back to good health.

It was such a wonderful feeling waking up today & knowing I would have a whole day to spend quality time with my Cam. Cam ended up sleeping until 9:30 this morning when I actually had to go in his room & wake him after Mike was worried that something might be wrong. He really just needed the sleep and after sleeping about 14 hours straight, I think he felt a bit better.

Having this day is sort of bittersweet since it makes me realize what I'm missing when I am at work Monday through Friday. If I had my way I would work four days per week & have that one day to get chores done around the house as Cam napped & have that extra time to spend with him. I know it would only be one day, but I think it would make a world of a difference to me. Oh well, maybe some day!


  1. oh no! hope the little fella feels better! good thing you stayed home. plus one more bonus of being home is more time to blog!! :)

  2. Hope he is feeling better.
    uncle Al