Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Recent happenings

We've been keeping busy around these parts!  Amongst Cameron's birthday & party, both Grammy & Papa flew in to visit from Chicago.  Sadly, Grammy flies home today!  Cam's Minion party ended up being a hit though & everyone had a great time!

This was the easiest theme I've decorated in the seven parties we've hosted for Cam.  

I downloaded random printables I found online & posted them throughout the house.  I love Despicable Me, so it was fun putting everything together.

I labeled all the food with cute names inspired by the movie.  No party would be complete without an adult bevvie, yummy Minion Margaritas!  My mom said, "Oh you made a lemonade for the kids??"  Uh, nope, this "lemonade" would have knocked their socks right off!  If you're looking for a super quick margarita to whip together, this is it.  Just know that it's very strong so you either want to add less tequila or top off each cup with club soda like we did.

We picked up powdered Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts & labeled them "Shrunken Moons."  Super easy & a huge hit with the kids.


I was especially proud of my Cookie Robot!!  I just used a toilet paper roll wrapped in white paper that I colored silver with a Sharpie.  I used four small black paperclips for the legs.  Easy peasy!  As always, all of my appetizers & entrees were made the day before & put in throw away pans for a stress free, easy clean-up party.

The hugest hit of all was this alarmingly large water slide we rented.  When the guys delivered it the night before, I was shocked at how tall it was!



Reese wouldn't go down the slide when she saw it in the morning, but I thought maybe when all of her friends were going down, she'd join them.  She actually ended up going down three times, all of which I missed since I was off doing something else.

 Reese's face in the picture above kills me!  She's such a cautious little thing!


Her third time down the slide was not a charm!  She went with Mike & apparently she was not a fan as you can see from the picture above.  She pretty much looks possessed & ready to spit fire!

At the end of the evening, the adults had to get in on the action too.  It was soooo much fun, I could've stayed on for hours, but the lightning forced us off.


Since the party was on Sunday, we had to have TVs set up for the random NFL fans!

Other than the party going on, we've been settling in to a new normal since Mike accepted a new job a few weeks ago.  He was with his previous company for a little over ten years, so this was a big decision.  He's still in training now, but once he's ready to work on his own, he'll be traveling up to 70% of the time which immediately makes my stomach knot.  Luckily travel does not include weekends though.


My job has always been more flexible & I work earlier hours, so I normally have the evening shift & Mike takes care of the kids & gets them to school in the morning.  When he's traveling, I'll have both shifts so I'm really going to have to be organized & on top of things so I don't lose my mind!  The biggest challenge is that Cam has baseball games or practice multiple evenings & they run pretty late, so those will be especially long days.

I'm just going to take it one day at a time & try not to worry too far ahead!  What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, right?!


That's what I'm telling myself anyway!

Anyway, I'm just thankful that my SEVEN year old had an amazing time at his party!

 One party down & one to go!  We're already getting ready for Reese's party in November, but this one will be a lot easier. We're doing a combined party with Sammy since they're besties & only one day apart in age.  Chuck E Cheese's will be hosting this one; much less work!!

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  1. that waterslide looks like it's catapulting the adults into the air!!!
    and congrats, mike!

    1. It was but it was so much fun! It's a slide perfect for both kids and adults!