Thursday, October 29, 2015

We are savages

For the past few months, Mike & I have been training for the Savage Race which my coworker roped me into participating in.  Luckily Mike agreed to join me since I'd have been terrified to run the 7.25 miles with 30 obstacles in between. 

 I'm definitely not considered a runner in any way shape or form.  I get bored easily & have never experienced the "runner's high" I often hear about.  But, it was a great motivator to get to the gym without question & get a few miles in each day as to not die on the day of the race.

The first obstacle was to jump into an icy vat of water which was positively shocking to the system.  To top it off, there's a wall in the middle that forces you to completely submerge.  Brr!!!!

It was a very filthy race that involved wading through mud & going under muddy water.  The picture above was the scariest & most challenging obstacle.  To get to the top of this huge slide, I had to scale a 90 degree wall via rope.  Lucky for me some nice guys at the top hoisted my large bum over the wall.  Going down the 90 degree slide into a vat of dirty water was pretty intimidating too.  You'll see from my face that I was a tad nervous.  It's funny though, because I never considered not doing some of the scarier obstacles since adrenaline kicks in & everyone around you is doing it too.  Not to mention, once at the top, there's no backing down!!

I was being dramatic in the picture above since the log I selected wasn't very heavy at all!


Unfortunately, my coworker's fiancee broke his leg during one of our obstacles.  The poor guy has to have surgery next week & can't bear weight on his leg for the next two months.  The medics swooped him away a couple of miles in, but we were left to finish the race... it was so sad to see the poor guy laying in the mud, shaking & in shock.

We plan on participating next year too, since it was both challenging & fun.  Now that we're creeping up in age, the scale is definitely creeping up too.  Gotta have a reason & motivator to stay in shape!

We'd never participated in a race before so it was satisfying to know we could do it & finish (above average time to boot!)

Nothing like jumping over hot coals before passing the finish line!

We may be getting old (and boy, did our bodies feel old the next day!), but we still gotta lot of life left in these old bones!!

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  1. oh my gosh! you lost me at the broken leg part. terrible!!!!
    these pictures are hilarious! I love all the action shots! impressive, you two!
    but the broken leg....ahhh! your description sent shivers down me spine!

    1. Race gone bad for my poor co-worker's fiance! Not to mention the ER he went to was all wrong and told him he didn't need surgery! Poor fella!

  2. Awesome job! You guys are troopers. Sounds like a crazy but fun and rewarding time.

  3. sooo much fun! Marc is in for next year too, so we all need to do it together! man, that colossus was sure scary!!! I hurt for DAYS after that one alone. Great job, Pernecky's!!