Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy 7th birthday, Cameron!

My little big guy is 7 years old today!  Happy birthday to my first born baby, Cameron.  To me, you will always be my little boy!

It doesn't feel like 7 years ago that I held you in the crook of my neck..

Or that Daddy held your smushy, squishy little face in the palm of his hand.  These pictures were taken two days after you were born.  At the time, we were freaked out, exhausted & felt clueless as to what to do with this teeny little creature that had entered our lives in a big hurry (you were delivered in 4 short hours!)  I'll never forget the night that you cried non-stop, despite anything & everything that we did to calm you.  I hadn't slept in what felt like days & Daddy looked at me & said in an exasperated, desperate voice, "What should we do?!?!"  And I answered honestly, in an equally exasperated voice, "I don't know?!?!"  And we both looked at each each other & laughed hysterically (come to think of it, maybe I cried hysterically!)  Somehow we got through those long days & nights & we wouldn't trade them for the world!  You changed our lives forever & we would never want that other life back (even if it was more simple & sleep filled!)  Nowadays, we'll ask, "What did we do on Saturdays before kids??"  And I truly don't know.  Probably a lot of sleeping, TV watching & bar hopping!

You transformed me & your daddy from a couple to a family.  Now we call ourselves "Team Pernecky!"  Cameron, you've grown into a sweet, sensitive & loving little seven year old.  You are such a sweet boy & care so much about people's feelings.  Other than your sister, you're always kind to those that you meet & you make fast friends.

Even though you love, love, love pushing Reese's buttons, I know you care about your baby sister too!  When Reese gets hurt, you're always quick to run over & make sure she's okay... you're not fooling us, kid!  If you think you've let someone down, it hurts you to the core.  You always play the song, "You Are My Sunshine" on our Amazon Echo because you know it means lots to me since I sang it to you each night as a baby.  You love math & even did your homework by yourself, without prompting the other night.

You still adore video games & your most recent passion is playing Madden football on the Xbox.  You're an active kid & love to take walks, challenge me to a race or play tag in the yard.  You always tell me that you can walk farther than me if we were in a contest.  Stinky little, Bubba (that's your nickname!)  Needless to say, you're very competitive.  With that being said, we're still working on the whole "sore loser" thing since you tend to cry when you don't win.  You're an emotional kid & we're working on you controlling your emotions & realizing there are better ways to handle situations than crying.  Easy for your mom to say though since I tend to be an emotional basket case at times!

At 6:54pm on Wednesday, September 24, 2008, my life became much more interesting & full "because there had never been anyone like you, ever in the world."  We love you more than you will ever know, Cameron Michael!  

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