Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Get your groove on!

It's the fourth week of school & we're finally getting into a new groove & a new normal.  It hasn't always been easy, but we're trucking along over here.  I must say, the days are long since I leave the house at 6:30 in the morning & get home after 5:30 in the evening.  Of course from there comes all the good stuff of homework, dinner, baths, making lunches, wading through school paperwork....  you know the drill!

It's September which means we're in the countdown to Cam's 7th birthday on the 24th!  Cam's chosen a Minion party this year, so I'm trying to get things in order to prevent last minute scrambling & chaos.

Speaking of September, my husband is in hog heaven since the NFL season is officially here.  You would have thought it was Christmas!  I've wanted a Bears flag since we've owned a home & we finally got one!  I officially feel like a home-owning adult at the ripe young age of 36!

I've gotten into the mindset of, "if you can't beat em, join em!"  I used to protest 50% of our already short weekend being compromised, but I've learned to embrace it & now we make an event of Sunday game days with food & friends.  It's just an excuse to eat something yummy & catch up with good peeps!  I must say though, by the end of the season, I'm so ready for it to be over!

We were in desperate need of new bedding so Reese & I headed to IKEA on my Wednesday off last week.  Since we got there just as it opened, the place was basically empty & we got in & out in a flash!

I knew I needed a comforter/duvet cover so I could easily wash them since our last king comforter was way too bulky to fit into our washer & had to go to a laundromat instead (which grossly enough, never happened).  We use our comforter as a blanket at night & I tend to get hot so I picked up a comforter that's really light & cool.  Fresh new bedding for under $70?  Score!

Amidst the madness of the recent weeks, we've squeezed in some fun too!  Reese has had some time to frolick in the rain!  She watches a lot of Peppa Pig & if you've had the pleasure of watching the show, you know that those damn pigs love to splash in their English muddy puddles!

I use the gorgeously beautiful cutting board my woodworking neighbor crafted for me on a nearly daily basis, but I was finally able to use it as a serving platter.  This is a cutting board I will treasure forever!  Half of the wood is from American trees & the other half African trees & one side is flat for cutting, the other has a slight curve for serving.  Love, love, love!

With Cam back to school, Reese & I have our girly Wednesdays together & things have been very smooth & productive.  A lot less fighting without Cam to push buttons!  We normally do "quiet time" for at least an hour so she has time to herself & I have time to myself.  We abandoned it over the summer, so when we went back to it a few weeks ago, she saw it as a punishment.  For whatever reason, that flipped like a switch & now she asks for it.  She takes her tablet into her room, watches a movie or just relaxes or plays with her toys.  Last week she even ended up falling asleep.  I get a lot done in that uninterrupted hour & sometimes even steal 15 minutes to relax.

There are many weeks where Mike will choose a weeknight to meet up with the guys for whatever reason.  I adore those nights since I put the kids & dogs to bed, pour myself a glass of wine & relax with my treasured trashy TV shows like the Real Housewives of O.C.  However, Mike's last guys night did not fare well for me.  Not five minutes after he left, I was in the bathroom taking out my contacts when I heard a very loud buzzing sound that could only come from a VERY large bug.  Without thinking, I bolted from the bathroom sans contacts, slamming the doors behind me, sealing the bottom with Mike's pants so the bug couldn't get into my room.  Without the contacts, I couldn't see a thing.  Unfortunately my glasses sat next to the bathroom sink with the dreaded, unknown bug.  If you know me, you'll know that I'm irrationally TERRIFIED of bugs so there was no way I was going back in there.  But how was I to watch my trashy shows without my glasses?!?  It was 7:40pm & the world was my oyster for two blissful hours.  Dang.  Mike refused to come home & Cam was too scared to get my glasses.  Yes, I got my six year-old out of bed & begged him to get them.  Low, oh so low.  Well, time for the big guns.  I grabbed my winter, hooded jacket from college & zipped it tightly so only my eyes were barely exposed, ran into the bathroom, closed the door behind me, grabbed my glasses & sealed the door back up.  I begged Mike to kill the bug when he got home & not lie about it like he's done in the past.  He said it was a "small" flying beetle but I'm not buying it.  That thing was probably the size of a small child.  Ha.

But, after my bug scare, I was finally able to catch up with my "programs" while my kitties snuggled next to me!  So, that's what's been happening around these parts! 

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  1. oh my your stories are always enjoyable!! you paint a good visual picture.
    i have one for you. i am laying here next to oliver as he sleeps, and a few minutes ago I felt a tickle on my arm. well the room is dark so i shine the light of my laptop onto my arm and briefly see something crawl over me. but it moves so quickly! so I sit up and see it. a spider. small but compact, and crawling up oliver's leg into his pajamas! i had meant to kill it but i couldn't murder it as it was crawling on a sleeping boys leg so I batted it off, or so I hoped. I couldn't find it, so I had to check inside his pants to see if it was in there! i couldn't let him get a spider bite on his willy!
    then I spotted it, on the pillow where it had landed after i brushed it off. I grabbed the book we had just read for storytime, "sammy the seal" to be exact, and I brutally attacked him with it. he put up a good fight, but i jabbed him hard enough to suck all life from his tiny horrifying body.

  2. and also, the nights that i have alone are blissful. i feel like no one gets that. i am glad to see you do. no offense to any husbands out there, but when you a) get to do what you want and b) dont' have to talk to ANYONE, then it's a good night.

    1. Seriously, at the end of a long day, I just don't have it in me to talk!