Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two year olds rule!

Every time I pick Reese up at school her teachers cannot say enough good things about her & her sweet behavior.  Yes, she is insanely sweet & cute at home, but she can also be very feisty & moody which is not at all the case at school.  I guess she just likes to save up the attitude for me!

Having a snack

I have the hardest time after work with the instant & never ending demands that begin as we walk through the door.  I normally have a bunch of groceries sitting in the back of my car, the dogs are whining to go out & I'm looking at the mess from Mike's shift with the kids in the morning.  Mom, I wanna watch Mickey, I'm thirsty, I want a snack... I want another snack.  I allow them to have a small snack & cut if off so they're hungry for dinner.  Well, Reese does not like that.  So after applesauce & fruit snacks, she wanted a cheese stick.  Um, no.  After hearing no, in the most passionate voice she could muster, she declares, You don't say no to me!  The bad mood had begun.  After explaining that I was the mom & she was the child, she told me, I'm not a child, I'm Reesey!  Oh boy. Soon after she, while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse she got upset that Cameron was saying Oh, Toodles!  before she could.  As he continued to do it, she smacked his arm while shrieking, No, I say Oh,Toodles!!!!  After telling her that we keep our hands to ourselves & don't hit, she declares, We DO hit!  Um, no. 

But as quickly as the bad mood comes, it goes & sweet, adorable Reese returns!  I always tell her, Reese, I can't take it,  you're too cute, and she'll tell me, Yes. Mommy, you can take it!  This picture was taken at the doctor's office for her 30 month well check.  This big little girl is in the 77th percentile for height & the 92% for weight!  Wowza!  I think she'll have my stature though & I was always tall until I abruptly stopped growing in about third grade!

Reese loves sitting on the counter shoving food into her mouth watching me cook dinner.

It's fun chatting with her & explaining what I'm doing.

I look forward to cooking with my little girlfriend as she gets older.

Speaking of cooking, I learned from my friend Lesli that Panera has a secret menu! Who knew?!  Maybe I shouldn't be sharing their secret, but I'm going to anyway.  Well, the Power Chicken Hummus Bowl sounded so good to me, but I didn't feel like going to the store or spending the money so Mike ran for a few ingredients & we recreated it at home.  I've really gotten into making "health bowls" as Real Simple refers to them.  You pair a protein & a grain with veggies & cheese. Click here for some mix & match ideas.  Not only is it healthy, but it's easy.  For our Panera recreation, we paired grilled chicken with tomatoes, cucumbers & baby spinach leaves with cilantro, a squeeze of lemon & some hummus.  It was so tasty & took less than fifteen minutes to whip up!  As Mike grilled, I chopped the veggies.  Not only did we have dinner that night but leftovers for the next night.  Anyway, that's what's been going on around here, hope you're all having a great week!

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  1. Yeah I'm pretty important...Unfortunately I can't take credit. I think it was Jaysa who told me this.

    1. Do you feel strange ordering it? Like, "the password is..." I imagine I'll feel weird & the person taking my order will look at my like I have three heads!