Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Celebrate good times

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!  We were away this past weekend, celebrating Mother's Day with my family in Sarasota as well as Maddy & my mom's birthdays.  Speaking of celebrations, today is my parent's 42nd wedding anniversary!!  They've been dating since they were high school sophomores (HS sweethearts just like me & Mike) which is very special to me.

Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad!!!

 We had cake coming out of our ears this weekend!


Through the daycare, we purchased cakes from our local grocery store for the kids to decorate for Mother's Day.  For some reason, I was expecting a petite cake instead of the two we actually received.  Since the scale has been on the rise for me these days, I'm doing my best to avoid them!

In other news, Mikayla's teeth are dropping like flies!  It's amazing how different a child's face looks once they lose their front baby teeth.  My baby boy is soon behind.. waah!

The many faces of Reese

Man alive, this little girl is surely something else.  She is so full of piss & vinegar, it's not even funny.  Poor thing takes after me so how can I get upset with her? After a bedtime fit tonight over Cameron vs. Reese turning her fan on, I said, "You're all better after letting out the rage?  Mommy can relate!"  We had a couple of doozy tantrums today & I seriously cannot help but laugh at the lack of control a two year old possesses.  Can you imagine if everyone acted that way?  We'd be living in anarchy! 

As much as these two nuts can test my patience with their non-stop requests & demands, I love them more than anything in the world!!  It's funny how a kid can drive you up the wall at the end of the day & then you look at them sleeping like angels in their beds & it's completely forgotten.  Sometimes I have to stop myself from going into Reese's room & picking her up since she looks so ridiculously innocent on the video monitor.  Then the next day rolls around & the devil horns come back out!  ;o)

Mommy & me

It's so funny how you don't realize just how hard your parents worked when you're a kid.  Now that I have my own, I'm so thankful for all that my mom (and dad) has done for me. There is nothing like a mother's love & devotion. 

Mommy & Reese

Speaking of crazy kids, this is how Mike found Cam last night after getting home from the gym.  The stinker has a habit of getting out of bed to go to the "bafroom" even though five minutes earlier he assured me that he didn't have to go.  Well this time he had the urge to read on the toilet since apparently that's what Patrick on SpongeBob does.  Mmm... good example!

I never buy fresh flowers because they don't exactly fit into a strict budget, so I've been enjoying the heck out the flowers my sister got me for Mother's Day.  So cheerful!!

My clean fridge is also very cheerful to me!  Today I came home from work & on a whim, decided to scour my fridge.  I had just gone grocery shopping & couldn't bear to add more stuff to the mess we'd created.  I find that I work best when a project is unplanned since I dread it less.  I'm off tomorrow & I have a whole lot more organizing in mind, so I wanted to tackle the fridge to get a jump on things.  Mike does not share my love of cleaning & organizing, so over the years, as I'm in the midst of cleaning, I say in the most deranged voice as I manically wipe, "A clean house is a happy house."  And he looks at me like the nutcase that I am.

Last but absolutely not least, the kids' school pictures came back & they're positively adorable!  It's very rare that I buy more than one print, but this year I seriously couldn't just do one because they were all so cute.  With Cam graduating pre-K, I had to buy his cap & gown picture which just melts my heart!  And the pic of Reese clutching the flowers?  Fuh-get-aboutit!  The one of the two of them is equally as precious since they're sitting there holding hands.  L-O-V-E love!

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  1. That's a lot of cake! Happy Mother's Day! We finally ordered a new fridge and dishwasher. They are being delivered soon. I cannot wait to organize the new fridge. Mike thinks I have problems. I shall try that maniacal cleaning quote you do when I'm organizing the new fridge.