Saturday, August 17, 2013

Paint till you drop!

Before we moved into our house, we did a ton of painting between all the bedrooms, the laundry room, two bathrooms, a few random walls, our den & the bonus room, but we still had parts of the "meat" of our house to paint.  When I say meat, I mean the living room, dining room & family room which is basically what most people end up seeing when they come over.  The colors aren't at all a problem since they're very neutral, but the issue is that the previous owners were screw happy & left no less than thirty huge screws in the wall with no touch-up color.

They're kind of hard to see in the picture above, but trust me, they're there!  Slowly but surely we've been pulling them out & re-painting.  I'm trying to keep my colors in check since I have a tendency to go overboard with various colors.  I used the color Eiffel Tower by Porter Paints which is a tan/gray color.

I got out of work a couple hours early yesterday & hit the ground running, basically painting from 2:30-8:30 at night.

We're also saving to replace the hideous brass entryway light that's currently there as well as install a light above the kitchen table since the previous owners took theirs when they moved.

Initially I was only going to paint the entryway, but when I had more than a half gallon of paint leftover as well as a couple of hours to spare before the kids got home, I decided to paint another area of the house on a whim.

I painted the area you walk into off the laundry room, kitchen & garage since it was really banged up from moving & at the spur of the moment, I also painted the once-white/filthy garage door.  When it comes to painting, I'm very laid back about things... it can always be re-painted!  And finally, I painted a section of the wall with leftover chalkboard paint.  I was a busy girl!!

I want to make an organizational center on the chalkboard wall to keep the kids organized as they start school.

Parts of this system from Pottery Barn are my inspiration, but I'll be shopping at discount stores since I have champagne tastes on a beer budget!

I'd also like to install a glass doorknob coat rack to keep backpacks organized.  This particular one is from Etsy.  I have so many ideas constantly running through my head, so it feels good to get things going!

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  1. busy lady!
    nice job! nice light fixtures too.
    that knob thing would be easy to make! 50% off glass knobs at hobby lobby, mounted to a piece of decorative trim!

  2. Lesli, I was thinking it'd be easy to make but we're not very handy and we don't have saws or anything! I'm sure we could make it though.