Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My baby goes to preschool!

Yesterday morning my baby boy started pre-k and I can hardly believe it!

Not too long ago he was under seven pounds & could fit into the crook of my neck.

Before I know it, he'll be towering over me!  Cameron has been going to daycare since he was four months old, but starting pre-k (or VPK for voluntary pre-k, as we call it in Florida) is still a big deal to me.  Daycare was an optional thing, but now that he's in VPK he has to go from 9:30-12:30 everyday which includes Wednesdays.  Wednesday has been our special day together for the past year & a half and I can cry thinking that I'll have to spend the morning away from him tomorrow.  I know I'll keep busy & pick him up right at 12:30, but to me it's a very big milestone.  Next year when he starts kindergarten, he'll be gone an entire day!!  Sniff, sniff.  But then I'll have my special day with Reese.

I'm holding on to these precious years!  He still loves to cuddle with me, watch movies on his little Lightning McQueen couch with his sister & even wear a sleeper to bed since he sees Reese wearing one!

 Speaking of Reese, I had to snap this picture of her wearing her brother's PJs over her own which she demanded.  She put the pants on herself & asked me to help her with the shirt.  As I type this, she's sleeping in the next room wearing this get-up.. she is such a nut!  I had the audacity to not pick her up at the exact moment she asked, hence the waterworks.

And one of her besties, Taylor dealt with her wrath on Sunday since Reese didn't like that she was sharing Mike's lap.  She kept yelling, "No Tay Tay!  My Daddy!"  I reassured sweet Tay that one day (hopefully soon) Reese would be a more gentle, patient girl!  It's amazing how quickly these years are whizzing by... they're crazy, but I'm loving them!

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