Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Playroom makeover

So, we've been gradually getting projects accomplished around the house & the first thing we've tackled is the transition from dining room to playroom.  We have a bonus room upstairs in our house, but with Reese being smaller, it only makes sense to keep the playroom on the first floor, near us.  The upstairs bonus room has become a mix between a secondary family room/video gaming room.

We painted the bold orange color you see as well as the blue bathroom which was previously white.  Out of all of us, Cam spends the most time up there, but now that Reese is getting a little older, she'll even go up with him to play while we're within earshot below.  We have gates at the top & bottom of the stairs, so all is safe!

So, this is the before on our dining room which is behind the kitchen.  The previous owners used it as a dining room, but since we're not formal, it's much better used as a playroom.  The walls were a boring brown with plenty of screws in the walls.  For whatever reason, the previous owners were screw happy & there are no less than 50 screws throughout the walls, but we're nearly done patching & painting all of them!

Yes, we have a cat with a ladder fetish.  As soon as that bad boy comes out, Casper can be found lounging at the top where he can enjoy the view.

And here is the after so far!  We painted the walls Green Tea Leaf from Porter Paints & changed out the chandelier with a light fixture from IKEA.  The cube bookshelf isn't new, but I painted it from espresso brown to white.

We'll be adding a chalk board to the one wall & a framed map to the other.

I'm going to frame some of the kid's artwork & get canvas pictures made of the kids for the third wall.  I'd love to get a nice, sturdy table & chairs to replace Cameron's Cars table so the kids have an area to do crafts.  We end up spending a lot of time in this area of the house, so I'm really excited to be getting it done!

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