Saturday, July 20, 2013

20 months

I can hardly believe that in four short months, my little Reese will be celebrating her second birthday!  Man oh man has this time flown by!

So, Reese, what does the 20 month old version of you look like?  Well, you're more feisty than ever & have absolutely no problem expressing your opinion in a very big way.  You have mastered the stink eye & shoot many dirty looks that could kill!  When you decide to throw a fit, you tend to bang your head on the floor which makes Mommy say, "You're fit for a straight jacket!"  You learned quickly to only do that on carpet instead of tile after one painful incident.

But as saucy & spicy as you are, you are also so incredibly sweet, funny & loving & you melt my heart every single day.  You seriously bring so much laughter & joy (as well as screams & cries) into our lives.  I love how spicy you can be & hope you continue to have a mind of your own as you grow & go to school... you really know how to hold your own!

You speak so well & your vocabulary is unreal.  We call you our little parrot since you can repeat most anything we ask you to say.  You can nearly recite the alphabet, can chime in when we count & are such a problem solver.  You also love to help me clean & wipe down counters & tables, as well as your face with wet wipes. So different from your brother in that way!  You eat well & I'd say your favorite foods are bananas, pancakes, grapes, cheese & pizza.  You love fruit, but aren't so keen on vegetables.  You're still an amazing sleeper, nap for 2-3 hours each day & sleep for 12-13 hours at night.  You still go down without a fuss at all which we greatly appreciate!  My favorite part of the day is snuggling with you before I lay you down, kissing your head & rubbing your back.

You wear size 4 diapers, size 5 shoes (but will be transitioning to a size 6 soon) & clothes anywhere from 18 months-3T.  We happen to have a lot of 3T summer clothes & since Mommy is thrifty (or cheap!), we have you wearing them.

You still use your paci, but only when you nap or sleep at night & not at all during the day at school.  When you're sick, you do want your paci more, but we're not concerned about it.. you'll give it up when you're ready & when we are too!

You're wearing your brother's sleeper which I love!  Speaking of your brother, you & Cameron are such good friends!  And like any good friends, occasionally you still have your spats, but at the end of the day, you have each others backs.  You follow everything Cameron does which sometimes annoys him, but he's such a great big brother & you are one lucky girl.  Reese, we love you so very much!!!!

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