Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unexpected Chicago Trip

We headed up to Chicago last week for an unexpected visit for my grandma's funeral. Although the circumstances were terrible, it was nice to catch up with family & friends, play in the snow & make the most of our time there.

The weather was actually really nice which is rather different than this week after they've gotten over 20 inches of snow!

Cam had an absolute blast when we took him to play in the snow on Friday.

We were even able to walk on water since Grammy & Papa's pond was frozen solid!

And I took a moment to snow bathe which was a tad more nippy than sun bathing.

Mike was even able to eat a burrito that was nearly the size of his own head! The dietitian in me hung my head in shame as he said he wouldn't mind a second burrito after just finishing his first!

We were also able to finally meet little Ben, Mike & Jaysa's son who will be one in the next few days. Mike has known Mike since they were kids & we all met Jaysa in college.

It was great to see the peanut Adelaide again. She's such a little doll & was like a little mommy with Ben which is a good sign since she'll be a big sister this summer!

Here's Adelaide's mommy, my awesome friend Lesli who I was lucky enough to meet in college.

This sweet lil Jaysa-Bear who is the best hostess & had such a nice breakfast spread for us to munch on & catch up over. Lesli also made a yummy breakfast casserole which was so sweet. I'm so lucky to still keep in close touch with my wonderful friends from Illinois! We got together with a few other couples later that same evening & had such a great time catching up.

I re-visited the house I was born in & lived in until just before I started Kindergarten.

And this is the house I grew up in, the house that holds a million & one memories for me. I lived here from Kindergarten until I graduated high school & my parents moved to Florida.

Although it was a sad trip, we were able to celebrate my Grandma Schuth's life on Thursday & Friday. I'll miss her always, but she'll be in my heart forever.

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice trip considering the circumstances. The pic of Cam in the snow with his rosy cheeks is precious! You should frame that one!

  2. wow i feel so honored to have made the blog!

  3. Great pictures Allison, I'm glad you made the best of things while you were up there. Crummy circumstances for sure, but all the better reason to cherish unexpected time with family & close friends. :)

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. Glad you had a good trip though.

    Something really crazy...I went to college with Lesli's sister. Weird!