Monday, February 7, 2011

Too much to do with too little time

2011 has proven to be an extremely busy, stressful & emotional year thus far. We've dealt with the loss of both of my grandmas & it seems that every weekend passes us by in a blur. As much as I love watching football on Sundays & catching up with our friends, I'm absolutely relieved that's it's over since it's taken up 50% of our weekend for about 17 weeks.

Since we both work full-time, the weekend is really the only chance to get things done around the house. I try my hardest to do chores throughout the week in order to free up our weekends, but it doesn't often work out. It's so hard for me to relax on Saturdays when I look around & see the million things that need to get done. I tell myself, Just relax & drink your coffee for a half hour & then you can get started, but the OCD nutcase in me won't let that happen! Hey, at least I recognize that I'm certifiably insane!!

I always told Mike that when we get a flat screen TV I want to paint the wall behind it an accent color. So that's just what we did the Saturday before we headed to Chicago for my grandma's funeral.

Initially I thought we'd choose more of a pumpkin type color, but after looking at a bunch of paint samples, we decided on green.

We chose a Behr color called Martini Olive; I love the color itself as well as the name!

Luckily Cam (the little stinker who has been skipping 99% of his naps) took a nice, long nap that day so we were able to finish the entire project as he slept.

And viola! Here's our Martini Olive wall!

I'm happy with the way it turned out & relived that it's one more project that can be checked off my never ending to-do list!

If I was rich, I would absolutely, positively hire someone to clean our house, do our laundry & take care of the yard. I love changing things up & decorating our house to suit our needs & making it a warm & cozy sanctuary we can come to at the end of the day, but it's not always easy when we already seem to have so much on our plates. Some days I seem to handle it all in stride, but other times I'm absolutely overwhelmed with the constant cleaning, laundry, etc that consumes most of our downtime. A magic wand would be a handy tool so if any of you find one, I'd love it for my birthday. Or even Valentine's Day since that's coming up sooner. Then I'd wave it & all would be done so I could relax & fully enjoy time with my family & friends!

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