Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Day in the Life

Just in case I ever wonder what my schedule was like when Cam was a two-year old, I decided to document a day in the life of a typical week day for me so I can look back if the need arises!

6:45am: Alarm clock goes off.
7am: Finally drag myself out of bed & get ready quickly since I shower/straighten my hair the night before. Then I make coffee for both myself & Mike. No breakfast since I eat at work.
7:30am: Cam wakes up.
7:35am: After a whopping 5 minutes of grabbing Cam's sippy cup of milk, turning on his cartoons & making sure his clothes are ready, I fly out the door after smothering him with kisses & love. Mike gives Cam his breakfast & leaves the house for daycare at 8am.
8am: Clock in to work.
8-10:30am: Screen patients to determine who is at nutritional risk or in need of my help & gather pertinent data to complete my assessments, follow-ups or educations.
10:30am-1pm: Make rounds to see my patients & touch base with staff/physicians.

1-1:30pm: Lunch time. This time varies as I may go earlier depending on my patient load.
1:30-4:30pm: Chart all of my notes.
4:30pm: Clock out of work. Some days, like today, I work later depending on how busy I am. Sometimes I stay as late as 5:30.
4:45-5:40ish: Workout. My goal is to get to the gym 3-4 days per week but that doesn't always happen.
6pm: Either myself or Mike pick Cam up.

6:15-7pm: Make/eat dinner & play with Cam. We make pretty quick meals during the week & Cam usually just eats whatever it is we make since we don't want to get into the habit of making him a special meal. Tonight I made couscous with dried cranberries, toasted pecans, fresh spinach with lemon juice & sauteed turkey sausage. Whoever isn't starting bath time with Cam cleans up the kitchen/loads the dishwasher.

7-7:15pm: Bath time! The pictures in this post happened to be from tubby time tonight. I tend to get Cam's bath started & Mike finishes it off so I can hop in the shower.
7:15-7:30ish: PJ time! As we get Cam in his pjs, he usually ends the night watching Dora.
7:30-8pm: Bed time! We both take Cam into his room to kiss him good night & tell him how much we love him. Mike leaves & I have my one-on-one time singing songs & cuddling.
8:15-11ish: This varies from day-to-day depending on my motivation level & whether or not I'm up for any cleaning. I do laundry a couple of nights a week as I blog, watch TV & browse around online. I usually end the night by reading my Kindle since it's guaranteed to help me wind down & quickly fall asleep.

So if you've ever wondered what my day looks like, and I'm sure you have, your wish has been granted! It can be a major bummer when I focus on the fact that we really only get a max of two hours with Cam each night, but I have to say that I absolutely try to make the most of every second I have with him. I am LOVING this age right now & wanting to savor every single moment since I know he won't always want to be so close & cuddly. And the fact that he's so stinking cute & says the most precious things makes me want to just take it all in & give him 100% of my attention. My favorite time of each day is 6-8pm since we're together as a family & able to enjoy each other!

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  1. Love the day in the life post. It will be fun to look back on. I can see why the weekend family time is so precious to you, you guys are on the go non stop during the week!