Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dinner? Done!

As much as I love cooking, there are many days during the week that it's an extremely daunting task. The idea of coming up with an idea, getting the ingredients, cooking while simultaneously entertaining Cam & then cleaning up after the meal can be bit too exhausting! I try to plan my meals ahead & grocery shop on the weekends but that can be easier said than done!

Luckily Lauren invited me to a girl's night out to Dinner Done a couple of weeks ago. If you've never heard of this particular concept, it's really worth checking out. Most entrees serve at least four, so I split each into two since it would easily feed the three of us. I chose to make six entrees, so left with twelve which stocked my freezer & will supplement our weekly meals for at least a few months.

Here's Lauren & Holly "slaving away" in the kitchen! Luckily the Dinner Done employees cleaned up after us so we didn't have to worry about it!

Here are the Laurens! Lauren B has three children under three (twins are in the mix) so she goes every single month & this is what her family lives on. Luckily the menu changes on a monthly basis for variety! And since Lauren booked us a private session, we were given snacks and wine to nibble on while we prepared our meals.

Here's Lauren G's adorable mom Fran.

There's a station for each entree.

The recipe is above the station & you just follow along. Add more of something you love (cheese & garlic, in my case!) & less of something you may not love (nothing in my case!)

And this was our meal tonight; lasagna! I love the freezer to oven entrees like this one since there is no cooking involved, other than sliding it into a pre-heated oven. You can always serve garlic bread and salad to make it more complete, but we were fine with it as is.

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  1. I'm pretty sure there's a Dinner Done in Sarasota. I have to check it out! Putting together easy and tasty meals is a challenge for all of us throughout the week!

  2. ahh i love these places! ours in naperville is called simply homemade and i love it! i do 12 and get 24 and it is so yummy! plus they are things i would never make, like shrimp diablo! yum....

  3. So much fun! We just has the Sechwan (sp?) Beef two nights ago, and it was really good.