Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still Sick!

Since the doctor at the walk-in clinic on Sunday assured me that my throat would be feeling better within 24 hours of taking Amoxicillin, I was pretty sure I'd be feeling relief by Monday. Unfortunately, things were not at all better & if anything, I'd say my throat felt worse. At work yesterday, I was only able to eat a bowl of cream of wheat & an ice cream cup. For dinner, Mike grabbed me a milkshake from McDonald's but it burned my throat too bad to drink.

When I looked in the mirror last night, not only was my throat looking horrible, but I began to notice a rash forming on my hands, arms & stomach. As I searched the internet, I noticed Amoxicillin could potentially cause a rash which may be harmful & that a visit to the doctor was needed. When I woke up today, my throat was absolutely no better & the rash was looking worse, so I knew I'd have to pay another visit to the doctor.

Long story short, even though I tested negative for the Monospot blood test, the doctor is convinced that I have mono. Regardless, since mono is a virus, there is no treatment for it, so the doctor didn't feel that it was necessary to pursue additional work-up. I also tested negative for the in-office swab for strep, but since this test has a 15-20% false negative, he also sent a swab into the lab for a more specific test.

The doctor gave me an injection of Decadron in hopes of decreasing the inflammation in my throat for at least some relief. I've still only been able to eat a Nutri-Grain bar today & even that caused so much pain that tears were stinging at my eyes as I finished it. I also downed the rest of my milkshake from yesterday night.

But for any of you who may cross paths with me soon, please do not run & hide! I may not even have mono & even if I do, I obsessively wash my hands/use hand sanitizer & I'm not coughing or sneezing & even when I do, I use a tissue & immediately wash my hands. The doctor informed me that I can go about my schedule as usual with work, etc. I am convinced that if I do indeed have mono, that I got it from Cameron. I read that babies can carry the virus, but that symptoms are usually very mild for them. Either way, I have to be careful to not infect him since I know nothing for sure. I'm not sure what's worse... not being able to kiss Cam or having the most insane sore throat I could ever imagine?

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  1. Oh Ally, I hope you get better soon, and definitely before Christmas!! I hope the injection helps you.

    I see that you got the border off from your signature. It looks good!

  2. The shot is already helping her a bit folks! Let's hope she gets much better very soon!

  3. i'm sorry allison!! i hope you feel better soon! tell cameron to stop bringing those nasty germs home! the home is no place for such sickness. feel better!!

  4. Thank you for the well wishes, everyone! Actually, my throat is feeling SO much better! I really don't have an appetite though & I'm tired at the end of the work day, but otherwise great!