Monday, December 28, 2009

Catching Up

The beauty of having old friends (not as in age, but as in the many years we've shared a bond!), is there could be a large span of time in between seeing each other, but when we reunite, it's like no time passed at all.

Saturday we headed out to the stomping grounds we lived when we were married until we moved to Florida. We spent the afternoon at Mike & Jaysa's & were able to see Jaysa in her glowy pregnant state before Ben arrives in early February. We also got to see Lesli & Mark & the thirteen month old version of Adelaide since we hadn't seen her since she was four months old.

It was a great day of chatting, eating, relaxing & just catching up with some old friends.

The girls!

The soon-to-be Mommy & Daddy (Ben's still cooking in the belly!)

What a good looking family!

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  1. wow! i finally made your blog! wahoooo! hey will you send me the pics from sat? i didnt get any good ones w/ my cam. jaysa just sent me hers. i would like this family one of us for sure! thanks dollface!