Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's For Dinner?

If you love the taste of Indian food & want to try something that's easy to make but very different from a typical home meal, give this recipe a try! As soon as I watched this episode of the Rachael Ray Show, I knew I wanted to make the Peanut-Curry Chicken & Rice.

It made plenty for the two of us for dinner yesterday, leftovers tonight & at least one more portion for Mike to take to work. We made it with Basmati rice which is what we have at Indian restaurants. Seriously, this meal is delish!

Peanut-Curry Chicken and Rice

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  1. maybe i am just a wimp, but the mere mention of the word "curry" makes my stomach hurt. maybe i am imagining that it tastes so much worse than it really does, because i've never tried it, but the word alone just bothers me! i'm glad you had fun creating this meal! i would eat the rice!!