Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Much To Be Thankful For!

Even though this is Cameron's 2nd Thanksgiving, I kind of, sort of consider this his 1st since he is so much more aware, active & fun. This holiday season means more to me than any other before since I feel so blessed to be Cam's mom. Last year at this time I was far too overwhelmed to truly enjoy being a mom & now I am a whole lot more comfortable playing the role of Mom!

My little man is officially walking! I thank God each day that I have been blessed with a healthy baby & I don't take it for granted for one second. Sure, I have my moments where I'm overworked, overwhelmed, exhausted & just ready for Cam's bedtime so I can take a breather. Then before you know it, I'm missing him once he is actually asleep for the night.

Watching this guy grow & change on a daily basis is rather incredible! Cam is like a sponge right now & I'm amazed at the new tricks he's constantly pulling out from his sleeves. We've been tinkering with teaching Cam sign language since he was six months old & last week he did his first sign! Of course, it's "more" & has to do with his main passion... food/eating!

I'm thankful for my hubby & the amazing dad he is! Watching Mike & Cam together warms my heart!

And so what if my baby enjoys eating wood chips & sand & drools more than any kid on the earth! Who cares that you have to be careful when giving him food as he tries to smash as much in his mouth as he humanly can?!

I am thankful for my wonderful family & friends & all the happiness & love they bring to my life. Yes, my family is absolutely insane, but I wouldn't change a thing! I am thankful to have a warm, cozy home to come to & to never be without food on the table.

So much to be thankful for.

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  1. Thanks honey! It's good times raising that little feller, lemme tell you.

  2. he looks so cute in his polo and rolled jeans!