Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy 5th birthday, Reese Elizabeth!

I cannot believe that my sweet, little gal pal is FIVE today!!  Reese, you make every day a funny adventure; there is never a dull moment with you around!  You are such a sweet, sassy, witty little girl & we love you more than you will ever know!


You love playing with dolls, especially your Barbies/Barbie house.  You are so into Scooby Doo the movie, My Little Ponies & dressing up & playing princess.  You're also very happy to sit at a table & color & draw pictures for us.

Since Reese & her BFF, Sammy are only a day apart, we decided to have their party together this past Saturday.  They've been at their school together since they were three months old & since this is their last year before going separate ways to elementary school, it was the perfect time to come together!

We used the picture above for their invitation which turned out so cute.  With faces like those, it's impossible to be anything but cute!

We chose the bowling alley for their party; super easy.  It amazing how much less work it is when you have a party away from home!  No scouring the house, putting together a bunch of food & running around like a crazy person.


This is the terrific trio from school... Reese, Alissa & Sammy are connected at the hip!

We separated the gift table & got two different cakes so each girl could still choose their own theme..  Reese chose Tiana from Princess & the Frog & Sammy chose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  They're so different from each other!

Sadly, minutes after the above picture was taken, a freak accident happened.  I was talking to one of the moms when I heard Cameron hysterically crying.  Cam is one of those tough kids that can take a lot of pain with no reaction, so I knew it was serious.  By the time I ran over to assess the situation, I saw blood pouring out of his mouth.  It was horrifying & scary & I had no idea what happened.  We rushed him into the bathroom and saw that he had severely bit his tongue.  With all the blood, it was hard to determine the severity of the injury.

Mike & I made the decision that we'd take him to the ER to be safe.  Cameron was hysterical in the car from the pain & shock of the situation.  He was terrified that he was going to be admitted to the hospital like he did when he was five.

Luckily they took him right back as soon as we got to the ER.  The doctor determined that his tongue didn't need stitches since it wasn't severed through, but after finally being able to assess the whole situation, we realized he had tripped, fallen onto the bowling ball he had been holding & that caused his tongue biting.  It turned out he had a nasty gash on his chin that needed glue/steri strips closure.  

This poor bubba is getting a Tylenol/Motrin alternation every four hours to manage the pain & is on a mostly all liquid diet.  Unfortunately, a couple of his bottom permanent teeth are a bit loose, so we'll be calling the dentist when they open tomorrow (they're closed Mondays).  What a horrible, freak accident to happen on such a fun day (or ever!)  We basically spent a half hour at Reese's party before bolting to the ER.  Luckily we had plenty of family & friends at the bowling alley to keep the party going & Reese had an absolute blast & barely realized we were gone!


 She also got a room makeover that night when we switched Cameron's bed to her room.  We painted her once yellow walls a fushia color a few weeks ago, so we put the final touches together Saturday with the help of my family. 

Friday we went to IKEA & I got her new bedding, these kitty curtains & a few other odds & ends to complete her room.  

My mom & Mike's mom got her the vanity above for her birthday.  Reese is such a girly girl & loves to get into my makeup.  My mom bought Reese her own makeup & she had a blast sitting & putting it on.  The vanity was completely white when we bought it but I painted the drawers pink, added crystal pulls & put princess fabric on the seat.  It's adorable!  I love that her room is finally her style where she can feel like she has her own little oasis!  Happy, happy birthday, to my sweet Reese!
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  1. i had to cover my eyes for the cam pics, poor guy. that sounds AWFUL! what did you find out about his teeth? what a crazy accident. I hope he is feeling better.

    1. Sorry Lesli, for some reason I don't get email notifications for your comments!! With Instagram, I'm sure you've seen that luckily, his teeth were fine!

  2. Poor poor Cam! So glad he is bouncing back!
    Love Reese's new room makeover. Her kitty curtains are perfect!