Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy anniversary (and birthday!)

Mike & I celebrated our 14th anniversary (and my 37th birthday) on Tuesday, May 24th so we decided to hit the road to St. Augustine to celebrate!  My mom was sweet enough to come up & watch the kids for a few nights, so we were able to get away by ourselves.  As hard as it can be to leave the kids, it's super important to get some one on one time to remember why we fell in love in the first  place!  Life, work & kids can be pretty distracting sometimes, so it was great to be relaxed, with no particular agenda!

Since we live on the Gulf coast of Florida, we get to see the sunsets whenever we hit the beach.  Since St Augustine is on the Atlantic coast, we took advantage of the sunrise & hit the beach at the butt crack of dawn.  The morning was positively gorgeous, a tad chilly & we had the moon behind us as the sun rose in front of us.

May is a great month for a getaway since school is still in session & not many people are on vacation yet.  We had the beach to ourselves & it was just perfect.

After breakfast on the beach we decided to hit the St Augustine lighthouse since we've never been.

The views were spectacular & the weather was just as nice.  Mike was pretty freaked out since he has a fear of heights, but eventually he relaxed & began to enjoy it.  He must have gotten into my head because on the descent, my legs were extremely wobbly as I looped my way round & round the spiral staircase.

After the lighthouse, we moved from our spot on the beach to the downtown area where we spent the next two days.  If you've never been to St Augustine, it's a really awesome place to visit.  We're lucky to be a three hour car ride away!

After we checked into the apartment we rented, we grabbed the bikes that were available to us & just hit the streets, stopping where ever caught our eye.

It was so nice to be away from the non-stop to-do list & put on a care-free, fun attitude!  

We continued to start our mornings super early & head back to the apartment at 8pm, like a geriatric couple!

For my actual birthday, I wanted to keep the evening low-key & avoid & drawn-out, stuffy meal.  I opted to choose martinis on the water & then hit a local pizza place for dinner. It was awesome!

As we drove home, Mike noticed I was transitioning back into business as usual mode as I listed off what needed to be done for the week.  We both said, "Uh, oh, our fun bubble is going to pop!"  As the kids were screaming & fighting over Lord knows what that evening, we looked at each other & agreed the fun bubble had officially burst!
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