Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Baseball & mermaids

What do baseball & mermaids have in common?  Not much other than a couple of weekends ago, we got to watch two baseball games & see some mermaids all in one day!!

My parents & my nieces came up to spend the entire weekend with us which was so fun.  The kids have a blast & stay up way too late each night & we all enjoy just relaxing & catching up.  Not to mention that my mom is a HUGE help when she's over!   

The baseball season is coming to an end & there's only a few more games left.  Reese has had a bit of a like/hate relationship with baseball... some days she likes it, some days she hates it!

One particular game she only wanted to squat in the field & not even glance as a ball as it wizzed by her.  She'd approach the plate to bat at a snail's pace & not quicken her speed as we yelled, "Reese, hustle up!!"

But I'm proud to say that her last couple of games, she's shown a lot more effort!

She even got her second game ball at her last game!  Way to go, Reese!

As you can see in the photo above, she even threw the ball & stepped with the correct foot!!

Here Reese is on first base with her fellow baller, Brooks.  So stinking cute!

As they often do, Cam had a game at the same time as Reese this day.  Luckily their fields are back to back so we're able to park ourselves in the middle.  I'm surprised we don't get whiplash from looking back & forth so much.

Sports are SO much more competitive than I remember them as a kid.  I'm hoping Cam keeps his main focus on baseball since he enjoys it so much.  He dabbles in other sports like football & we're considering a summer basketball league.  With the competition being so high it seems like if you don't eat, sleep & drink the sport, you're completely blown away by other kids the same age.

I'm always taken aback by some of the parents in the stands who get so serious about seven year olds playing little league!!  Lighten up & let them have fun!

In the league Cam's in, he still switches positions so he can continue to learn

Playing catcher is a dirty job!!

But he can still smile about it!

After the baseball games, we headed up to WeekiWachee Springs to see a mermaid show.

You might remember me mentioning WeekiWachee in the past since it's the same place where I was brutally attacked by a horsefly & subsequently flipped the family canoe & subsequently trashed my brand new cell phone & lost my nice sunglasses all the while scarring my children.  If you've forgotten this tale, feel free to click here to refresh your memory!!

They also have a little water park/swimming hole attached, so the kids had a great time.

Maddy & Reese getting ready to watch The Little Mermaid show.

I've never been very comfortable in natural waters, so watching this kind of creeped me out.  The "mermaids" hit tubes of oxygen as they need it so they're able to stay underwater & perform.

Reese was excited to meet a mermaid!

Here's Cam & Mikayla coming down the water slide!

The water park is in the springs so it's amazingly pretty & clear!

We had such a great weekend!
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  1. oh my gosh. my favorite line, it gets me every time "Unfortunately, the bastard reappeared" - about a fly!! Oh Allison! Ever the drama queen!! I had forgotten about Cam's lip - ouch! Thanks for a trip down memory lane. And that mermaid show is freaking me out. They just breathe thru a tube? How?
    And your sports comments are just why I can't stand organized activities...Adel took a ballet class when she was 5 - the moms were INSANE. Not every girl wants to be a ballerina, or be in recitals, or continue on a lifelong journey of ballethood. Some just want to freaking dress up and try to learn some moves. It was awful. I can only imagine how sports are. No thanks. And luckily my kids don't care. My parents forced me to do sports and while I did do them all thru most of high school, it always felt like punishment to me. It wasn't my thing. I don't even know if I had a choice in the matter, looking back on it. They sure are cute in those uniforms however!

    1. Haha, we were just talking about kayaking & how we so badly want to go back to those springs... on my way into work, I was googling, "Horse fly season in Florida" as to avoid a repeat disaster!! Yes, the mermaid show was extremely freaky & I felt short of breath several times, watching them suck air out of those tubes... what a nightmare of a job!

      Parents need to get a hobby & lighten up on the goal of raising a pro baseball player, ballerina, etc... Way too much pressure!!!