Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to school!

It's back to school today & there was a lot of excitement last night & this morning.  I knew it was a good sign when I picked Cam up from his last day of summer camp on Friday & he told me that he wished it was Monday!

On top of Cameron starting a new school year, I found out Friday that Reese was also moving up to a new class today.  Too much to handle in just one day, but I did very well this morning & no tears were shed by anyone!

Me & Lo Lo getting in on the action!

Saturday we had a fun photo shoot with my talented friend, Jill, just as we did last year.  The pictures turned out awesome & I'm thankful since I love updating our framed family photos each year.




Tay Tay & Reese

It's funny because Taylor has always called Reese, "Baby" Reese & we're starting to wonder when that will stop!  Mind you, they're only 6 months apart, so it's pretty funny!
Cameron, Avery, Reese & Brooks


 Last Thursday we had the opportunity to check out Cam's school & meet his first grade teacher, Mrs. Marzullo.  She seems super organized & on top of things which is right up my alley.  They're using an app/website called Class Dojo to track behavior/points to redeem for good behavior.  I love being able to see how he's doing in class & this is so much more with the times since I can check in remotely.

It's crazy to see just how much Cameron's grown in one short year; 2.5" & 9.2#!!

 Despite the crazy, busy evenings, the start of the school year brings so much excitement!  Looking forward to a great, new year!

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  1. best of luck to all! :)
    i noticed that your kids put mine to shame in the height/weight department, but mine have yours beat in shoe size! what does this mean? I am making short, large-footed children? interesting! good of you to document all these things each year. at least he still wants to be in the medical profession one year later! i would like to see one of these about mike - first day of the rest of his life working his fingers to the bone, and all his favorites....

    1. Well Lesli, you will just have to check today's post!!! :o)

  2. I havent read ANY blogs in so long! Thought I'd do a little catching up this morning. Glad to see you are still keeping up with it. Love all the pics Jill took!! That was so much fun!